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[1.2.5] HammerMod v1.5.1 - Smash up coal!


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HammerMod version 1.5.1 is out!


Let's start with how to craft the Hammer(s):




Each Hammer can mine just as well as its pickaxe counterpart. However, that's not all the Hammers can do. Observe!


Mining coal ores with a Hammer doesn't drop Coal, it drops my new Coal Chunks!





Each Coal Ore drops 8 chunks. Each Coal Chunk burns in a Furnace for 1 use.



This means you are still getting just as much raw Coal power as you would if you mined it with a Pickaxe, but you can be more efficient with it!


This isn't all, though, if you go to your workbench and use your Hammer on some Coal or Charcoal, you can smash it into small chunks!



Or, if you need large coal for other uses, you can combine 8 Coal Chunks to receive 1 Coal, or do the same with Charcoal!








1.2.5 (Latest)



Use Forge 164 or later!



v1.5 - Mining with Hammers added

v1.5.1 - Changed tool category in forge to "pickaxe" to fix issues with other forge mods


Future plans for HammerMod include shards of other ores, item repairing, and more!





All my mods are copyrighted material.  They may only be downloaded from the

links I provide.  You may download them to use and play, if you want to do

anything else with it, you have to ask me first.

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Very cool.  It is growing!


Also, multiplayer support?  ;)


Multiplayer support and 1.3.x support are coming (at their own paces).


Wanting to work on shards/chunks for other vanilla ores and at least start the repair system as well. I do plan to get the MP support out very quick (shouldn't be that hard at this point since there are no blocks, only items).


I also rewrote some of the internal code to make it less "copy-paste"-ish. Also made a few fixes (like the particles on block break) all on my own :3 I'm slowly improving and moving out of the ranks of the "noob script kiddies."

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In terms of MP difficulty I would probably say:

Items -> Blocks -> Items with functionality -> Entities -> Blocks with TileEntity's.


Blocks are only *barely* more difficult than Items.  :)


Might try pressing on in to some of the harder realms soon.  Making good progress!

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