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1.19.2 Forge Server not compatible with vanilla client


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I don't know if this is intended but since 1.19 vanilla clients can join a Forge server but everything is completely broken.

  • blocks in the world are not the ones they should be
  • items in inventory are some others
  • you can't really move even in creative mode
  • it uses extreme much cpu power, brings my 11900k to about 50-60% load by just standing around

Here is the debug.log: https://pastebin.com/F16HEGHJ
and an example picture how broken the world looks:

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A vanilla client shouldn't be able to connect to a Forge server that has mods which add new content (blocks/items); the connection should be refused. (As to why, it is obvious when looking at the screenshot—absolute chaos.)

We'll need more information to look into this. Please provide the logs/debug.log file of your server.

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it is a clean forge server with only dynmap as mod. So a Vanilla client shouldn't have problems in connecting. In 1.12-1.18 it worked with such a configuration.

Here is an up2date debug.log

I joined with a Vanilla Client for the log so it should be in it.

Of course i know that vanilla clients/or clients with missing mods(that are not server only) can't connect. But in this particular problem it should work because no mods which would change game are present.

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I suggest reporting this issue to the dynmap mod authors. Unless proven otherwise (such as being replicable with a fresh no-mods Forge server, which I doubt), we have to assume the issue comes from dynmap.

You may also try creating a fresh new Forge server with the mod, with a new map, and try connecting to it with both a vanilla client and a Forge client, to see if the issue persists there.

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Ok i created a clean new forge server and there it works.
Even if i add dynmap and sqlconnector there it works. So dynmap doesn't seem to be the problem.

But removing dynmap and sqlconnector from the old server doesn't help there.
Don't know why this happens only on the old server maybe something went wrong in conversion from 1.18 to 1.19?
I have this problem since a very early forge 1.19 version.

I seems to be a problem with the world files. Just copied only the world files to the new working server and then it has the same problems.
If you know something where i could look to rescue the world that would be nice, if not then iam unlucky ^^

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