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[Modder Needed] Enhanced World Realism Mod


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I am looking for a modder !


The aim of this mod is to remove some illogical things in Minecraft. Have you ever tried to imagine a diamond armor/tool in real life ? Impossible to figure how to do one. Is Steve an awesome bodybuilder that never tire and can wear armors like he wears socks ? Have you ever punched a tree ?


I know it won't please everyone, because strange physics are also part of Minecraft (and everyone loves punching trees), but I think it would create a new way to discover Minecraft, and I don't force people to download it.


I also don't want to change the fantasy part of Minecraft : Creepers, Endermens, etc... doesn't exist in real-life, so they can become whatever they want in Minecraft, but diamonds exist in real-life so I want them to be more like real-life diamonds.


Here are some of my ideas :




1. Create a new gamemode, which is a mix between Survival and Adventure :

- You can break every block, like in Survival.

- You can't loot anything if you don't have the proper tool, like in Adventure.

- Tall grass and leaves are breakable by hand. You can find flint in tall grass and sticks in leaves.


2. Add a flint hatchet (craft : " F", "S ") and flint knife (craft : "F", "S") so you can cut trees and start a normal game.

- Flint knife is a bad sword but can be used for other things (see 9.)


3. Steve now have his own weight, and armors, blocks and items have weight. The more blocks and items you have in the inventory, the slower you walk. (No stuff : around 130% of the base movement speed / Heaviest armor and maximum blocks in the inventory : around 30% of the base movement speed(mathematics rules !))

- This may make the minecarts more important.


4. Armors hinder your movement, so your attack damage and mining speed may be lowered while wearing heavy armors. (No armor : around 110% of base mining speed and attack damage / Heaviest armor : around 75% of base mining speed and attack damage(mathematics rules !))


5. Change diamond tools and armors material in recipe to bedrock, so diamond tools and armors are legendary items that can be get only from NPCs or with commands, and can't be repaired. Diamond items may be extremely easily enchantable.


6. Add Mithril to Overworld generation and Orichalcum to Nether generation.

- Mithril and Orichalcum can make tools and armors, different but with same "general power".

- Mithril armor is lighter and easily enchantable, but grants 17 armor points, while Orichalcum armor is heavy and grants the 20 armor points.

- Mithril tools are faster and easily enchantable, while Orichalcum tools have more durability and deal 1 more damage point (0.5 hearts).

- If the Aether II is installed, Mithril may be generated in the Aether instead of the Overworld. (we may ask for permission before doing this, and this would make the need of a nether portal to be able to mine obsidian)

- These adds are made to make diamond stuff not too powered in front of Iron stuff, so the diamond stuff may be only a proof of wealth / being admin.


7. Armor no longer works on the whole Steve but only on the part it protects. If you have only Pants and Helmet, being hit at the chest will cause you to get damages like if you were not armored.

- The armor granted is now shown on the item like enchantments, but with the vanilla bar.


8. An energy bar is added (instead of the armor bar since it's no longer here) :

- Sleeping is the only way to replenish it.

- Having it full grants high resistance to weight and armor hindering.

- Having 10/20 energy makes you normal.

- Having it empty makes you mine slower, move slower, deal lower damages and have nausea.

- Having 20/20 is different of 19/20, 19/20 is different of 18/20, etc... (mathematics rules !)


9. Some pacific mobs now drop their own kind of pelts :

- Sheep, Wolves, Pigs. (and Cows, because they no longer drop leather)

- Use a flint knife on a tanning rack to tan the pelts and get vanilla leather.

- Pelts can be used as carpet / wall decoration ?


10. Adding a crafting forge (3x3x3 device). The forge gui has a 3x3 crafting grid, 2 furnace slots (1 for fuel and one to put what you want to melt), a water slot, and a 2x2 inventory to store heated materials you're actiually using :

- Vanilla furnace is now only for cooking recipes.

- Adding fuel heats the forge, and letting it without fuel cools it down slowly.

- When the forge is hot, you can melt stone and ores in it, or heat your materials (blocks, ingots, nuggets).

- Putting heated materials in the water slot makes them cool down immediately to be stored.

- The crafting grid of the forge can be used only for recipes involving heated materials, so you can't make cakes, sugar, item frames or stuff like that in your forge.

- You may also not mix some materials, like wood and heated ingots : You'll need to forge a axe head with iron, then cool it down, then put it in a normal crafting table to make an axe with some sticks.

- Throwing on the ground heated materials makes it shatter in nuggets of the same material. This may also work with tool parts and armor. Trying to put heated material in your inventory makes you burn for a short time and throw it on the ground, so it shatters in nuggets.

- I have no concrete idea of how to build it, but I know it will need bellows (craft "#", "X", "P", '#' trapdoor, 'X' leather, 'P' planks). This will obviously involve cobblestone, a crafting table, a furnace and a water spot.

- A way to improve the forge could be to add an anvil, because tools and would need to be heated to be renamed, repaired or enchanted with books.





I first tried to make the mod by myself with forge, so adding armors and tools was easy, but the other parts are way too huge for me, so I couldn't manage to do it myself. That's why I am asking to the awesome Minecraft community !


If you're interested in doing this mod, reply here or ask me on Skype. My username is the same.


The only things I didn't told you in this post are the mathematical formulas to calculate the effect of weight, armor and energy on the player, but once the mod will be done, we will always have more ideas to enhance it. I also have some of the textures already done.


I also want you to know that I don't want to give my ideas freely : If you want to do this mod, I'd rather see how you do it, work with you and give more ideas. I'm not interested in saying : Do this please. I want to work with the modder as a part of a team. I'm not interested in money too, so the modder may receive donations or adf.ly money if he wants to, but I have none to give.

There are plenty of things to do. If you want to help me doing this mod, please think about it as a long-term involvement. I don't want to search for a modder again and again, that will have to understand the whole mod code. I'm also interested in knowing who I work with.


If you want to do this mod for yourself and take all my ideas for your own, you can do it. But if you do that, know that you're not worth working with, and you should change a bit to become interesting. No one can build anything alone and I bet you know this.


Thanks for reading ! I hope for some positive answers !

Give me feedback on what you think about these ideas, even if it's to tell me what's bad !


PS : I give much credit to Pds314159 for all his thoughts (http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/181 ... mechanics/) that gave me all the ideas I needed on armor mechanics, even if I don't use his calculation methods, I don't add so much different stuffs and I don't involve armor penetration.


PPS : If I only wrote without changing the page layout, that's because only someone interested enough by my introduction and with enough determination to read all of this would be, in my opinion, able to make this mod nicely.


PPPS : There's one alternative to the gamemode changing, but that's an enormous job and a modder would call this a complete mod : It's kinda like the Multi-Mine mod, but instead of keeping hitting blocks to destroy them (like in vanilla), you would have a mining speed the same way you have an attack speed, your pickaxe would deal damages to blocks and each time you damage a block, it would drop parts of itself. But that's only if you're crazy and ready to create Minecraft II.

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