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I Need Help Making Custom Run Bat


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So I have Downloaded a java version that i want my minecraft server to run and i know that they are compatible but  i need to make a run command thing for it i have never done a Custom Java Any Help would be Appreciated 

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    • Hello, I am trying to install client-side mods, to better my minecraft experience on servers, but I run into a few issues with some dependencies missing, so I would like if someone would be able to help me.  Here are the following errors: Error loading mods 3 errors have occurred during loading --------------------------------------- InventoryTweaksRenewed(invtweaks) has failed to load correctly java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError:net/minecraft/client/gui/widget/Widget Jade(jade) has failed to load correctly java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError:net/minecraftforge/event/entity/EntityJoinWorldEvent Waila(Jade)(waila)has failed to load correctly java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError:net/minecraftforge/client/event/ClientPlayerNetworkEvent$LoggedOutEvent Here is a pastebin of the crash report: https://pastebin.com/uMxfcUP3
    • You don't show the error, or minecraft version or any other useful information. "It keeps on crashing and I can't get it to load" is useless.   The github project you posted is incomplete. It has no build.gradle, etc. so we can't build it ourselves to find out the problem you have.   GUESSING: I can see a number of obvious problems with your code:   1) https://github.com/Tucky143/Buzz/blob/a03ffc801f439a095e9c272dff6510970543f0e2/src/main/java/com/example/examplemod/villager/ModVillagers.java#L29 Here you are doing instance equality tests for a Holder<PoiType> with a PoiType. This will never be true.   2) https://github.com/Tucky143/Buzz/blob/a03ffc801f439a095e9c272dff6510970543f0e2/src/main/java/com/example/examplemod/villager/ModVillagers.java#L36 That reflection code does nothing. Look at the method you are calling. Although I suspect you can't find it. The signature of the method you are using is for 1.18.x while the above methods you are using in (1) above are the signatures of methods in 1.19.x    
    • It keeps on crashing and I can't get it to load. I also want to be able to have it place flowers. Git-Repo:https://github.com/Tucky143/Buzz
    • Ok I understand the question now, but you don't still show nearly enough information to give you a definitive answer. I can tell you the slab's loot tables doesn't drop different items. It drops different amounts of the same item based on the block state.   Here's a simple example where I have changed the redstone lamp to drop either a diamond or an emerald depending upon whether it is lit. Note; * the use of multiple (mutually exclusive) pools * the use of minecraft:inverted to do a kind of else/not logic. data/minecraft/loot_tables/blocks/redstone_lamp.json { "type": "minecraft:block", "pools": [ { "bonus_rolls": 0.0, "rolls": 1.0, "conditions": [ { "block": "minecraft:redstone_lamp", "condition": "minecraft:block_state_property", "properties": { "lit": "true" } } ], "entries": [ { "type": "minecraft:item", "name": "minecraft:diamond" } ] }, { "bonus_rolls": 0.0, "rolls": 1.0, "conditions": [ { "condition": "minecraft:inverted", "term": { "block": "minecraft:redstone_lamp", "condition": "minecraft:block_state_property", "properties": { "lit": "true" } } } ], "entries": [ { "type": "minecraft:item", "name": "minecraft:emerald" } ] } ] }  
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