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My first forge mod released: Illegal easy moh


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Hello everyone! I've just published my first Forge mod on curseforge, It's called "Illegal easy moh".

This is a mod for servers that are looking to restrict how users interact with different items. The mod allows marking items so they are not allowed to be carried, used, or have restrictions on usage.
With this mod, admins can move the rules that are often written inside the discord server's channels inside the game domain and be a part of the item's tooltip.


  • Provides a registry where you can register items and or complete namespaces and assign them an illegality category
  • Registered items can fall into the following categories:
    • BANNED
  • Prevent users from carrying BANNED items on their inventories, either by destroying them or throwing them on the ground automatically on pickup
  • Prevent users from equipping or carrying ILLEGAL items on their hands or armor slots
  • Customize registered items so they can have a message that explains to the users why the item is configured as it is via tooltips
  • Configure through JSON configuration files or by using commands
  • English and Spanish translations


Short video showing how it works:

"Small disclaimer, ignore the fact that the video calls it "Illegal easy mod" I had to change the name due to curseforge policies and I haven't changed the video yet"


If you want to give it a go, you can get it here:



Thanks everyone, specially all who helped in the forum with questions about forge!

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