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Cant get Forge to work with ShardGaming


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I really hope the answer wasn't hidden from me on the forum, I've been at trying to get my server to run Forge for over 5 hours. Here is the issue I'm having.


I am having issues with getting Forge to work on my server. My server ( shardgaming) already has prebuild gametypes in it. . I go to server settings, then down to the server type. Select Forgemod. I will get a successful changed to Forge. Then when I click on install I get "Update Failed" - "The update could not be preformed at this time, please try again later." When I try to start up the server afterwards I'm told "A fault is preventing the server from starting."


My next option I tried was to download the minecraft_server.jar And try it myself with the following steps.


I downloaded the recommended universal build for 1.6.2 Using Winrar opened both the zip for Forge as well as the minecraft_server.jar. I copied all the files for the forge package into the minecraft_server.jar. I then proceeded with two different methods after this. One Method after this was I left META_INF untouched. The Second Method I read to delete files that start with Mojang. Afterwards for both I started the server once, let it connect, then restarted the server to see if it downloaded the proper libraries/directories. Which had not happen.


So I am at a loss for figuring out why the server wont convert to a Forge Server. The only other option that worked is I downloaded minecraftforge-installer-1.6.2- . Ran it, did both a server and a client install. Hosted the server on my on computer, Logged in with my local IP. So then I thought to myself I could just upload all of the server files to my ShardGaming server and would be done. Yet It didn't work either. Would give me the error message "A fault is preventing the server from starting."

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You'll have to speak with your server host on why there scripts didn't work.


FML no longer downloads anything. It was PITA code and annoying, With the new launcher system we don't have to download anything. So we stripped it out.

However, if you want to get a completely functional server directory, just use the installer.

It'll download and setup the server directory exactly how it's supposed to.

But if you use our installer it'll grab everything for you.

Note: It's EXTREAMLY important that you DO NOT rename any of the files the installer downloads as the universal jar looks explicitly for those names {EXA: Don't rename 'minecraft_server.1.6.2.jar' to 'minecraft_server.jar'}

I do Forge for free, however the servers to run it arn't free, so anything is appreciated.
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