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NBT Bug.


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I found an interessting bug with the NBT and the Rightclick Item.

But before i explain a view things before.


I worked on my mod and than i had the thinking that:

Chickenbones wirless redstone is awsome but very expensive and only

transmit to one side. That is sometimes usefull but most times a pain.


So i made my own version of a wirless redstone.

Its a full block which create a redstone signal to any side.

Or to the front of the block.

With less frequenzes (1024 Frequenzes)

But i also added that it can be exendet into infinite.

Just added a block which create extra 1024 frequnzes to 1 player.

But thats not part of interessting.

I just created wireless redstone.


Now i tried to add a wireless remote which stores the information with nbt.

The problem is now every time i rightclick the item the NBTData rest.^^"


I am still working 1.4.7. xD i know its outdated but its a stable version^^"

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2: Yeah 1.6.2 is stable. But i also make it for someone else which is using 1.4 Maybe you know him: Redled72y


1: Emmmm Yeah. Thats a good thing. I make an examplecode because the original does no longer there.


But that needs time. xD^^ i should be more prepaired^^".


But i figured out that it happends always when i rightclick the Item.

But why it happends I do not have a clue^^"

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I think if found the bug. When you rightclick it then he copy the Item.

Now the problem is: That when the item is getting copied then the NBT needs 1-3 ticks longer. Because the item has exsist before the nbt can be copied.

And i had on the on update function a if which tell if the Item Has noNbt than add the starting NBT^^" And this is the problem^^" Now problem solved^^".

. Thanks.

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