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  1. He needs that because he is using Static variables and all tileEntities are overriding each other. Remove the static from your variables (speed and the other one) and you will not have those problems anymore. For explaining: Static means no matter how often that class gets recreated that variable will be always the same for all of them. A none static version will be recreated and shares the data only with the current instance which created it.
  2. is even easier as expected use the on update function like this: @Override public void onUpdate() { if(!worldObj.isRemote) { if(worldObj.getWorldTime() % 10 == 0) { PacketDispatcher.sendPacketToAllPlayers(getDiscriptionPacket()); } } } that should work pretty fine!
  3. Use ItemWorldSaverData that is the TileEntity for the item. Also it has a NBTCall.
  4. In this case i would use the Retrogen Way. The Retrogen way is there perfect. When you save a chunk you could add a nbt that says randomly you have a meteor when you get loaded again. And when it get loaded these chunks which have it spawn a meteor. Hope the idea is good.
  5. There is a forge event that get always called when a entity kind gets spawned (any entity) just add a entity player filter and then you can work with it
  6. A thing i tried (what is a little bit risk if you have a week pc like me) add a command that digh out a whole chunk for you (everything but not ores) so you can see difference between biomes and how much your ores get generated and the vannilla ores are got generated. By the way use a extra thread for it. But this is kind of a expert version of Orefinding (in my opinien)
  7. If you are using 1.7, then nightly is the right thing. But if you working on a 1.6 mod use master. Master = Release Version, Nigthly = Test/BugFix/NewStuff Version. I do not know what 1.7 Require. But the Master Version for 1.6 do not require CCC.
  8. Short result i removed the Block From the game. BC has a pump that solve it.
  9. I had no luck with Crashreports. The log say sometimes that the NBT does not work but i can not find the place where the mcp server does save his log files. How do i activate the debug mode?
  10. Very Simple. As far as i can read is the String the name of the particle and the first 3 double are the coords of the block. And the last 3 double can be 0. Look into the fire or furnace class for that.
  11. Sounds weird but my Block+Tile causes the Server Threads to get problems and slowly but truely it starts to make the server slower and make the server crash with that. I do not know why this happen. I only know it happen only on the Server side and only on at this TileEntity. Ventil (TileEntity): package speiger.src.api.common.tile; import cpw.mods.fml.common.FMLLog; import net.minecraft.block.Block; import net.minecraft.nbt.NBTTagCompound; import net.minecraft.network.INetworkManager; import net.minecraft.network.packet.Packet; import net.minecraft.network.packet.Packet132T
  12. Try out the Java String formating (do not know if it works but try it out) String.format(Arguments, Your Text); %s = Text to show. %n = next Line. here a example: String.format("%s%n%s", "Text1", "Text2"); That should Print it like this: Text1 Text2 I hope it helps,Works.
  13. Its easier as you think. Forge has a full Finite Liquid Block class that does everything for you. You only have to tell what kind of liquid/fluid (i really hat the name change) it is. Thats easier as you think. Unless you do not try to make your own flowing code. Luckly Forge say: "You still have the choice"
  14. But the EntityPlayer class have it. If not MC have removed it. Thats why i calling it.
  15. Why so complicated? Just make it like this in your event: @SubscribeEvent public void onPlayerLogin(PlayerEvent.PlayerLoggedInEvent event) { event.player.addChatMessage("Welcome"); LogHelper.info(Reference.ID, event.player.getDisplayName() + " logged In!"); } and by the way the static could be the problem.
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