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Minecraft: Hunger Games Game #111- No Way Out!

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    • if (player.isShiftKeyDown() && hand == InteractionHand.MAIN_HAND && block == Blocks.MOSS_BLOCK){ if (!level.isClientSide){ player.drop(ItemInit.STONE_PEBBLE.get().getDefaultInstance(), false); } else { level.playSound(player, event.getPos(), SoundEvents.MOSS_PLACE, SoundSource.BLOCKS, 1f, 1f); } }   That worked! Thanks. I'm not quite sure why though? Does it have to do with sounds only being able to play on the client/server?
    • try this: if first three conditions { if not clientside drop pebble else play sound } i can't fire up the ide now but something like this should work.
    • I am trying to play a vanilla Minecraft sound when I am spawning an item into the world. I think I am close but the sound does not play when the item spawns into the world.   @SubscribeEvent public static void onRightClickBlock(RightClickBlock event) { Player player = event.getEntity(); Level level = event.getLevel(); InteractionHand hand = event.getHand(); BlockState blockState = event.getLevel().getBlockState(event.getPos()); Block block = blockState.getBlock(); if (player.isShiftKeyDown() && hand == InteractionHand.MAIN_HAND && block == Blocks.MOSS_BLOCK && !level.isClientSide){ player.drop(ItemInit.STONE_PEBBLE.get().getDefaultInstance(), false); level.playSound(player, event.getPos(), SoundEvents.MOSS_PLACE, SoundSource.BLOCKS, 1f, 1f); }   I am still new to modding and coding so this may be a little ugly haha. Trying to learn!
    • I have a custom recipe that uses JSON to work properly. And everything works right except I cant seem to figure out how to find the stack count for each ingredient of my recipe.   Recipe class: public class AlloyKilnRecipe implements Recipe<SimpleContainer> { private final ResourceLocation id; private final ItemStack output; private final NonNullList<Ingredient> ingredients; public AlloyKilnRecipe(ResourceLocation id, ItemStack output, NonNullList<Ingredient> ingredients) { this.id = id; this.output = output; this.ingredients = ingredients; } @Override public boolean matches(SimpleContainer pContainer, Level pLevel) { if (pLevel.isClientSide()) return false; return (ingredients.get(0).test(pContainer.getItem(0)) && ingredients.get(1).test(pContainer.getItem(1))) || (ingredients.get(0).test(pContainer.getItem(1)) && ingredients.get(1).test(pContainer.getItem(0))); } public int getIngAmnt(int index) { ItemStack[] stacks = ingredients.get(index).getItems(); for (ItemStack stack : stacks) { return stack.getCount(); } return 0; } @Override public NonNullList<Ingredient> getIngredients() { return ingredients; } @Override public ItemStack assemble(SimpleContainer pContainer) { return output; } @Override public boolean canCraftInDimensions(int pWidth, int pHeight) { return true; } @Override public ItemStack getResultItem() { return output.copy(); } @Override public ResourceLocation getId() { return id; } @Override public RecipeSerializer<?> getSerializer() { return Serializer.INSTANCE; } @Override public RecipeType<?> getType() { return Type.INSTANCE; } public static class Type implements RecipeType<AlloyKilnRecipe> { private Type() {} public static final Type INSTANCE = new Type(); public static final String ID = "alloy_kiln_recipe"; } public static class Serializer implements RecipeSerializer<AlloyKilnRecipe> { public static final Serializer INSTANCE = new Serializer(); public static final ResourceLocation ID = new ResourceLocation(FF.MOD_ID, "alloy_kiln_recipe"); @Override public AlloyKilnRecipe fromJson(ResourceLocation pRecipeId, JsonObject pSerializedRecipe) { ItemStack output = ShapedRecipe.itemStackFromJson(GsonHelper.getAsJsonObject(pSerializedRecipe, "output")); JsonArray ingredients = GsonHelper.getAsJsonArray(pSerializedRecipe, "ingredients"); NonNullList<Ingredient> inputs = NonNullList.withSize(2, Ingredient.EMPTY); for (int i = 0; i < ingredients.size(); i++) { inputs.set(i, Ingredient.fromJson(ingredients.get(i))); } return new AlloyKilnRecipe(pRecipeId, output, inputs); } @Override public @Nullable AlloyKilnRecipe fromNetwork(ResourceLocation pRecipeId, FriendlyByteBuf pBuffer) { NonNullList<Ingredient> inputs = NonNullList.withSize(pBuffer.readInt(), Ingredient.EMPTY); for (int i = 0; i < inputs.size(); i++) { inputs.set(i, Ingredient.fromNetwork(pBuffer)); } ItemStack output = pBuffer.readItem(); return new AlloyKilnRecipe(pRecipeId, output, inputs); } @Override public void toNetwork(FriendlyByteBuf pBuffer, AlloyKilnRecipe pRecipe) { pBuffer.writeInt(pRecipe.getIngredients().size()); for (Ingredient ing : pRecipe.getIngredients()) { ing.toNetwork(pBuffer); } pBuffer.writeItemStack(pRecipe.getResultItem(), false); } } } And here is my recipe.json { "type": "forgedfactory:alloy_kiln_recipe", "ingredients": [ { "item": "minecraft:iron_ingot", "count": 3 }, { "item": "minecraft:gold_ingot" } ], "output": { "item": "minecraft:diamond", "count": 3 } } Could someone tell me what I would have to do? The getIngAmount method just returns 1 even though I have a count defined for the iron ingots.
    • forge installer version 43.1.7 for 1.19.2 won't download the jar file, only the json 
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