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Mod Name?


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Hello, I am wondering if anyone can give guidance on how I should come up with a mod name or maybe even some suggestions. I have got to a point on my mod which I believe is where I really need a name for my mod and my placeholder seems outdated. My mod is a magic/tech hybrid and uses tc3 and ic2 code to create new items, whilst developing it's own sense of magic and technology with unique items.


If you can't help with that, could you give me a 2-3 letter, abbreviation of my placeholder mod name, "Minecraft Assembly".


Edit: I know this is not as important as people who are in need of coding, please help them, but it is quite important when developing a mod.


Thank you!

-- B

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Well what does you mod add?

and what is the overall theme for your mod?


it sounds like it's an addon/extension. Or a bridge between ic2 and tc3?

What's the deal with your mod? :D

Well it adds additions to the game using both industrial craft 2 and thaumcraft 3, so it sort of acts as a bridge, allowing you to hopefully upgrade wands so you can charge them with industrial craft power (EU), etc.


Though, I suppose at the same time as being a bridge to both mods, it is going to add new blocks and items using unique ideas and will have a big section to it making it standalone or for use with both mods.


Hope that's useful enough, thanks!

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