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1.16.5 Crafting any item with Gold Ingot crashes the server.


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Evening, my MC server would crash everytime I attempt to craft an item which contains a gold ingot. It would also crash even when I PLACE the ingot within a crafting table. T

For reference, the items I attempted to craft were as follow:

Gold leggings (vanilla)

Gold Backpack Upgrade (Sophisticated Backpacks)

Gold Quiver Upgrade (Spartan Weaponry)

Crash report: https://pastebin.com/b3JsVgYv

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we don't help with 1.16 anymore, but this is a problem unrelated to the version so i'll tell you what to do...

did you look at the log you pasted?  doesn't matter that you're not a programmer. just look for mod identifiers. usually in namespaces (something-dot-something-dot-mod_id).

in this case the crash is in first few lines and mentions a mod family. remove them or update them or contact author.

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