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Can't get custom inventory to work


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Okay, so i kind of have the inventory working. The only thing i really can't get to work is picking up an item and placing it in to the inventory for the player. I've been looking for a solution a long time now and I haven't come across one yes so i search here for help!


Current action: As i click the slot i get 1, only 1 cobble stone in the hand and then it removes it from the gui (as expected as i picked it up) then when i click an inventory slot (player inventory) it just goes back in to the gui (the normal inventory) and then when i exit the gui it drops a copple of stacks on the ground O.o


Gui: https://github.com/vpklotar/Industrial-Line/blob/master/src/se/vpklotar/il/gui/GuiNetController.java

Container: https://github.com/vpklotar/Industrial-Line/blob/master/src/se/vpklotar/il/block/NetControllerContainer.java

uNet: https://github.com/vpklotar/Industrial-Line/blob/master/src/se/vpklotar/il/power/uNet.java


I would really appreciate if someone could help me sort this out!

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None of your slots use the player inventory.

Check your layoutInventory() in NetControllerContainer.


Okay, haha, failed to notice that, at least i get a new block into my inventory but it should be a stack O.o And though it renders there it seams to be null for some reason...

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