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setWalkingSpeed only applies after rejoining game


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When the below code runs in game adding/removing a piece of bronze armor will change the players FOV, however the speed change only applies if you leave the game and rejoin.

How is it possible to dynamically change the speed as the player adds/removes pieces of bronze armor?


    public void onPlayerTick(TickEvent.PlayerTickEvent event) {
        Player player = event.player;
        Iterable<ItemStack> slots = player.getArmorSlots();
        final int[] bronzeArmourItemCount = {0};
        slots.forEach(itemStack -> {
            if (itemStack.is(ModItems.BRONZE_BOOTS.get()) ||
                    itemStack.is(ModItems.BRONZE_LEGGINGS.get()) ||
                    itemStack.is(ModItems.BRONZE_CHESTPLATE.get()) ||
                    itemStack.is(ModItems.BRONZE_HELMET.get())) {

        if (bronzeArmourItemCount[0] != lastBronzeArmourItemCount) {
            player.getAbilities().setWalkingSpeed((float) (0.1+bronzeArmourItemCount[0]*0.075));
            lastBronzeArmourItemCount = bronzeArmourItemCount[0];



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Unfortunately no change, I've read through a couple classes and haven't seen an obvious flag,

would there be a way to do this by calling player.getAbilities.loadSaveData(pCompound)? I'm not sure what the pCompound would be if this were to work...

EDIT: Pretty sure this won't work as the loadSaveData method only sets this.walkingspeed which already shows the correct value

The other strange thing I saw was a method

 * Sends the player's abilities to the server (if there is one).
public void onUpdateAbilities() { }

had no idea why there was nothing actually in the method?

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