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[1.6.2][WIP]"Skyrimcraft"[Modders wanted]


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Good day Modders.


To be honest this isn't a WIP yet. This mod was planned as a plugin but was dropped half-done. A friend of me told me he could re-write the parts already written in the plugin easily as a mod, but its too much work for him alone. Unfortunately I lack the skill to help him.

Take the time and read my concept, maybe I can convince one of you to join us.




I tested many Bukkit plugins and as many mods, but I didn’t find one fulfilling the conditions I have.


While plugins either try to bring a RPG-feeling in the game by adding skills - fine idea, but mostly the skills have just a very small effect to the game – or to forbid players to do certain things forcing them to play a single job (e.g. everyone but “miner” is not allowed to hold a pickaxe).

Mods by contrast are changing the whole game, so that I rather feel like being in an MMORPG than in Minecraft, or are just not designed as multiplayer-mods.


My concept so far is based on the typical way every RPG works. Learning by doing. You start at level one and if you perform an action connected to a skill, your skill level will increase. You can increase your skills up to level 100 (mining, blacksmithing, farming etc.)  Pretty simple so far.

At level 1 you are weaker than in vanilla-minecraft, so your items will lose their durability faster, your actions take longer (e.g mining stone takes in vanilla ½ sec, at level 1 you will need 1 ¼ sec per stone) and the efficiency of your items as lower (swords deal less damage etc.)


With each level-up you get a perk-point for the skill you levelled up. Now you can choose one perk to increase. mining for example could have these perks:


    stone-mining-speed (increases the speed you need to mine stone, cobble, obsidian ),

    ore-mining-speed (increases the speed you need to mine ores),

    efficiency ( increases chance of double drops/ increases the chance not to destroy an ore at the mining-process (this chance may be 80% at level 1) ),

    durability (for a longer life of your pickaxes)


at level 100 you should have nearly (~80%-90%) the stats you have in vanilla-minecraft.


To avoid getting just back to vanilla-standard in the lategame there is one skill you can get a master.

Choosing a mastery allows you to increase the skill unlimited(or to a higher level cap). This will result in specialization. A level 250 miner will be able to mine stone fast with one pickaxe, while a woodchopper can cut a whole jungle-tree in some seconds at this level. If they  would like to have the items from each other they need to interact, be it peacefully or not …


The mod may also contain new items and ores to make the game a bit more realistic.

I think obsidian-weapons are nothing special, but beside that I would like to have a grindstone (you have to grind the  seeds now to get flour, which you have to use for making bread now. Of course you need to bake the bread in an oven before being able to eat it. An anvil would also be a good new items. You have to forge the upper part (the iron/dia/stone part) in that anvil  with an hammer before crafting an item at the crafting table, or a smelter.

Several new ores and items/weapons (steel, chopper, items with iron-sticks) would be possible too.


While I designed all skills  to be unique and balance the blacksmith-skill is one I need to mention at least yet.


The blacksmith-skill at level 1 just permits you to craft wooden items (now even these items are used longer than some seconds). For each item you craft you gain skill-exp.

As a blacksmith you have three perks:


    Tool-forging (increasing this unlocks more tools on some levels – e.g. level 10 stone-pickaxe)

    Weapon-forging (same as above)

    Armour-forging ( I think you know how this works now)


Of course even if you lack the blacksmithing-skill you can use every item a blacksmith forged like you forged them.

To forge diamond-weapons for example a blacksmith should need about 90 perk points in weapon-forging.


Some last words to you: I don’t want much from the modder, who is doing this for me, but two things:

The mod should be compatible to bukkit-forge  ( I would like to use some plugins on my server)

I would like to have a version with my wishes (you are free to change things and maybe I like what you changed, but if I don’t like these changes it would be great if there would be a version without them to)


That’s all from me so far.

For further information, or if you are interested to make this mod for me: write a PM


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