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getting TileEntity without its coordinates


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Actually what i want is getting TileEntity without coordinates (world.getBlockTileEntityAt(x,y,z)) . If there is no way doing it , how can i reach this with smth like ... registering it somehow with string indentifier to somewhere and then getting it with this string ?


Edit : P.S the cause i need it with coords is redstone in motion mod

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Already figured out  8) I did smth like this : got world obj , got all tiles in that world obj , listed through to my one (instance) than

checked for enique endentifier (that i had set before) if equals == happiness  ;D


Do you realize the performance hit this will cause on a heavy population server? The amount of TileEntities that can exist in a single world are enormous.


You might want to limit the search to the chunk the player is in but even that has the potential to be a lot of TileEntities.

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