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[SOLVED] Config Problems


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As I have no experiences thus far with config files, I tried to make one, yet failed. Here is the complete set of code for the ConfigHandler:

package mardiff.quartz.lib;

import java.io.File;

import net.minecraftforge.common.Configuration;

public class ConfigHandler {
public static void init(File configFile) {
	Configuration config = new Configuration(configFile);


	BlockIds.QUARTZ_CRYSTAL_BLOCK = config.getBlock("Quartz Crystal Block", BlockIds.QUARTZ_CRYSTAL_BLOCK_DEFAULT).getInt();
	//BlockIds.QUARTZ_ORE = config.getBlock(Quartz Block, BlockIds.QUARTZ_ORE_DEFAULT).getInt();

	ItemIds.QUARTZ_SWORD = config.getItem("Quartz Sword", ItemIds.QUARTZ_SWORD_DEFAULT).getInt() - 256;
	ItemIds.QUARTZ_SHOVEL = config.getItem("Quartz Shovel", ItemIds.QUARTZ_SHOVEL_DEFAULT).getInt() - 256;
	ItemIds.QUARTZ_PICK = config.getItem("Quartz Pickaxe", ItemIds.QUARTZ_PICK_DEFAULT).getInt() - 256;
	ItemIds.QUARTZ_AXE = config.getItem("Quartz Axe", ItemIds.QUARTZ_AXE_DEFAULT).getInt() - 256;
	ItemIds.QUARTZ_HOE = config.getItem("Quartz Hoe", ItemIds.QUARTZ_HOE_DEFAULT).getInt() - 256;

	ItemIds.QUARTZ_HELM = config.getItem("Quartz Helm", ItemIds.QUARTZ_HELM_DEFAULT).getInt() - 256;
	ItemIds.QUARTZ_CHEST = config.getItem("Quartz Chest", ItemIds.QUARTZ_CHEST_DEFAULT).getInt() - 256;
	ItemIds.QUARTZ_LEGS = config.getItem("Quartz Legs", ItemIds.QUARTZ_LEGS_DEFAULT).getInt() - 256;
	ItemIds.QUARTZ_BOOTS = config.getItem("Quartz Boots", ItemIds.QUARTZ_BOOTS_DEFAULT).getInt() - 256;

	ItemIds.QUARTZ_CHISEL = config.getItem("Diamond Chisel", ItemIds.QUARTZ_CHISEL_DEFAULT).getInt() - 256;
	ItemIds.QUARTZ_CARVED_QUARTZ = config.getItem("Quartz Crystal", ItemIds.QUARTZ_CARVED_QUARTZ_DEFAULT).getInt() - 256;



Addtionally, this line is in the PreInit of my main class:



The problem is that when I try to open an existing world or make a new one, instead of giving me an error, the game simply kicks the game out to the title screen, and only then when you open the world again does it freeze the console. The console doesn't give any errors, so that doesn't help, and the config file itself looks just like it should. Any help would be appreciated.



If you really want help, give that modder a thank you.


Modders LOVE thank yous.

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Not sure if you set your config file up right, Here is the way I have mine set up


Main class



package kakarotvg.omega;


import kakarotvg.omega.generation.WorldGen;

import kakarotvg.omega.handlers.IDs.BlockIDs;

import kakarotvg.omega.handlers.IDs.ArmorIDs;

import kakarotvg.omega.handlers.IDs.ItemIDs;

import kakarotvg.omega.handlers.IDs.ToolIDs;

import kakarotvg.omega.handlers.armor.ArmorHandler;

import kakarotvg.omega.handlers.blocks.BlockHandler;

import kakarotvg.omega.handlers.crafting.CraftingHandler;

import kakarotvg.omega.handlers.creativetab.CreativetabHandler;

import kakarotvg.omega.handlers.crops.CropHandler;

import kakarotvg.omega.handlers.events.VgEventHandler;

import kakarotvg.omega.handlers.gui.GuiHandler;

import kakarotvg.omega.handlers.item.ItemHandler;

import kakarotvg.omega.handlers.liquids.LiquidHandler;

import kakarotvg.omega.handlers.tileentity.TileEntityHandler;

import kakarotvg.omega.handlers.tools.ToolHandler;

import kakarotvg.omega.proxys.CommonProxy;

import net.minecraftforge.common.Configuration;

import net.minecraftforge.common.MinecraftForge;

import cpw.mods.fml.common.Mod;

import cpw.mods.fml.common.Mod.EventHandler;

import cpw.mods.fml.common.Mod.Instance;

import cpw.mods.fml.common.SidedProxy;

import cpw.mods.fml.common.event.FMLInitializationEvent;

import cpw.mods.fml.common.event.FMLPostInitializationEvent;

import cpw.mods.fml.common.event.FMLPreInitializationEvent;

import cpw.mods.fml.common.network.NetworkMod;

import cpw.mods.fml.common.network.NetworkRegistry;

import cpw.mods.fml.common.registry.GameRegistry;

import cpw.mods.fml.common.registry.LanguageRegistry;


@Mod(modid = Reference.MOD_ID, name = Reference.MOD_N, version = Reference.MOD_V)

@NetworkMod(serverSideRequired = false, clientSideRequired = true, channels = Reference.channels, packetHandler = VgPacketHandler.class)

public class Omega {



    public static Omega instance;

    private GuiHandler guihandler = new GuiHandler();


    @SidedProxy(clientSide = "kakarotvg.omega.proxys.ClientProxy", serverSide = "kakarotvg.omega.proxys.CommonProxy")

    public static CommonProxy proxy;



    public void preInit(FMLPreInitializationEvent event) {

        Configuration config = new Configuration(event.getSuggestedConfigurationFile());












        BlockHandler.registerBlocks(new GameRegistry());

        BlockHandler.setNames(new LanguageRegistry());

        BlockHandler.setHarvestlevel(new MinecraftForge());



        ItemHandler.registerItems(new GameRegistry());

        ItemHandler.setNames(new LanguageRegistry());



        ToolHandler.registerItem(new GameRegistry());

        ToolHandler.setNames(new LanguageRegistry());

        ToolHandler.setToolClass(new MinecraftForge());



        ArmorHandler.registerArmor(new GameRegistry());

        ArmorHandler.setNames(new LanguageRegistry());



        CropHandler.registercrops(new GameRegistry());

        CropHandler.addnames(new LanguageRegistry());


        CreativetabHandler.setNames(new LanguageRegistry());



        LiquidHandler.registerfluids(new GameRegistry());

        LiquidHandler.addNames(new LanguageRegistry());




        TileEntityHandler.registerTileEntitys(new GameRegistry());

        TileEntityHandler.addNames(new LanguageRegistry());

        TileEntityHandler.tileentityRegistry(new GameRegistry());


        GameRegistry.registerWorldGenerator(new WorldGen());

        NetworkRegistry.instance().registerGuiHandler(this, guihandler);


        CraftingHandler.addCrafting(new GameRegistry());

        CraftingHandler.addSmelting(new GameRegistry());


        // loads the init method of Commonproxy






    public void Init(FMLInitializationEvent event) {





    public void postInit(FMLPostInitializationEvent event) {









block Ids



package kakarotvg.omega.handlers.IDs;


import net.minecraftforge.common.Configuration;


public class BlockIDs {


    // config categories

    public static String urotarkids = "Urotark IDs";

    public static String muscoviteids = "Muscovite IDs";

    public static String gilderids = "Gilder IDs";

    public static String bariumids = "Barium IDs";

    public static String vanadiumids = "Vanadium IDs";

    public static String bismuthids = "Bismuth IDs";

    public static String platinumids = "Platinum IDs";

    public static String berionvarids = "Berionvar IDs";

    public static String firlvearids = "Firlvear IDs";

    public static String verilionids = "Verilion IDs";

    public static String bubbleids = "Bubble IDs";

    public static String darknessids = "Darkness IDs";

    public static String omegaids = "Omega IDs";

    public static String liquidids = "Liquid IDs";

    public static String cropids = "Crop IDs";

    public static String unknownids = "??? IDs";

    public static String tileentityids = "Tile Entity IDs";


    // BLOCK IDS

    // urotark ids

    public static int urotarkoreID;

    public static int urotarkblockID;

    // pearl IDs

    public static int pearloreID;

    public static int pearlblockID;

    // sapphire IDs

    public static int sapphireoreID;

    public static int sapphireblockID;

    // muscovite IDs

    public static int muscoviteoreID;

    public static int muscoviteblockID;

    // ruby IDs

    public static int rubyoreID;

    public static int rubyblockID;

    // uriotyke IDs

    public static int uriotykeoreID;

    public static int uriotykeblockID;

    // gilder IDs

    public static int gilderoreID;

    public static int gilderblockID;

    // selovar IDs

    public static int selovaroreID;

    public static int selovarblockID;

    // parfilian IDs

    public static int parfilianoreID;

    public static int parfilianblockID;

    // barium IDs

    public static int bariumoreID;

    public static int bariumblockID;

    // radium IDs

    public static int radiumoreID;

    public static int radiumblockID;

    // gallum IDs

    public static int gallumoreID;

    public static int gallumblockID;

    // vanadium IDs

    public static int vanadiumoreID;

    public static int vanadiumblockID;

    // scandium IDs

    public static int scandiumoreID;

    public static int scandiumblockID;

    // bismuth IDs

    public static int bismuthoreID;

    public static int bismuthblockID;

    // indium IDs

    public static int indiumoreID;

    public static int indiumblockID;

    // platinum IDs

    public static int platinumoreID;

    public static int platinumblockID;

    // berionvar IDs

    public static int berionvaroreID;

    public static int berionvarblockID;

    // charviole IDs

    public static int charvioleoreID;

    public static int charvioleblockID;

    // firlvear IDs

    public static int firlvearoreID;

    public static int firlvearblockID;

    // selmenrer IDs

    public static int selmenreroreID;

    public static int selmenrerblockID;

    // verilion IDs

    public static int verilionoreID;

    public static int verilionblockID;

    // vielvor IDs

    public static int vielvororeID;

    public static int vielvorblockID;

    // bubble IDs

    public static int bubbleblockID;

    // darkness IDs

    public static int darknessoreID;

    public static int darknessblockID;

    // light IDs

    public static int lightoreID;

    public static int lightblockID;

    // omega IDs

    public static int omegaoreID;

    public static int omegablockID;

    // unknown IDs

    public static int unknownID;



    public static int darknessfluidID;

    public static int lightfluidID;


    // CROP IDS

    public static int darknesscropID;

    public static int lightcropID;



    public static int darknesssolidID;

    public static int computeridleID;

    public static int underworldchestID;


    public static void configureBlockIDs(Configuration config) {

        // BLOCK IDS   

        // urotark ids

        urotarkblockID = config.get(urotarkids, "Urotark Block", 2500).getInt();

        // muscovite ids

        muscoviteblockID = config.get(muscoviteids, "Muscovite Block", 2501).getInt();

        // gilder ids

        gilderblockID = config.get(gilderids, "Gilder Block", 2502).getInt();

        // barium ids

        bariumblockID = config.get(bariumids, "Barium Block", 2503).getInt();

        // vanadium ids

        vanadiumblockID = config.get(vanadiumids, "Vanadium Block", 2504).getInt();

        // bismuth ids

        bismuthblockID = config.get(bismuthids, "Bismuth Block", 2505).getInt();

        // platinum ids

        platinumblockID = config.get(platinumids, "Platinums Block", 2506).getInt();

        // berionvar ids

        berionvarblockID = config.get(berionvarids, "Berionvar Block", 2507).getInt();

        // firlvear ids

        firlvearblockID = config.get(firlvearids, "Firlvear Block", 2508).getInt();

        // verilion ids

        verilionblockID = config.get(verilionids, "Verilion Block", 2509).getInt();

        // bubble ids

        bubbleblockID = config.get(bubbleids, "Bubble Block", 2510).getInt();

        // darkness ids

        darknessblockID = config.get(darknessids, "Darkness Block", 2511).getInt();

        // omega ids

        omegablockID = config.get(omegaids, "Omega Block", 2512).getInt();

        // unknown ids

        unknownID = config.get(unknownids, "???", 2513).getInt();

        // ORE IDS

        // urotark

        urotarkoreID = config.get(urotarkids, "Urotark Ore", 2514).getInt();

        // muscovite

        muscoviteoreID = config.get(muscoviteids, "Muscovite Ore", 2515).getInt();

        // gilder

        gilderoreID = config.get(gilderids, "Gilder Ore", 2516).getInt();

        // barium

        bariumoreID = config.get(bariumids, "Barium Ore", 2517).getInt();

        // vanadium

        vanadiumoreID = config.get(vanadiumids, "Vanadium Ore", 2518).getInt();

        // bismuth

        bismuthoreID = config.get(bismuthids, "Bismuth Ore", 2519).getInt();

        // platinum

        platinumoreID = config.get(platinumids, "Platinums Ore", 2520).getInt();

        // berionvar

        berionvaroreID = config.get(berionvarids, "Berionvar Ore", 2521).getInt();

        // firlvear

        firlvearoreID = config.get(firlvearids, "Firlvear Ore", 2522).getInt();

        // verilion

        verilionoreID = config.get(verilionids, "Verilion Ore", 2523).getInt();

        // darkness

        darknessoreID = config.get(darknessids, "Darkness Ore", 2524).getInt();

        // omega

        omegaoreID = config.get(omegaids, "Omega Ore", 2525).getInt();


        //LIQUID IDS

        darknessfluidID = config.get(liquidids, "Darkness Fluid", 2526).getInt();

        lightfluidID = config.get(liquidids, "Light Fluid", 2527).getInt();


        // CROP IDS

        darknesscropID = config.get(cropids, "Darkness Crop", 2528).getInt();

        lightcropID = config.get(cropids, "Light Crop", 2529).getInt();



        darknesssolidID = config.get(tileentityids, "Darkness Extrapalator", 2850).getInt();

        computeridleID = config.get(tileentityids, "Computer", 2851).getInt();

        underworldchestID = config.get(tileentityids, "Chest of the Underworld", 2853).getInt();







if (You.likescoding == false){

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Try using config.get() instead of config.getBlock or config.getItem:


myBlockID = config.get(config.CATEGORY_BLOCK, "myBlockID", 1000).getInt();


The methods you're using are expecting a String comment parameter that you're not passing which might be problematic.


    public Property getItem(String category, String key, int defaultID, String comment)
        Property prop = get(category, key, -1, comment);

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Try using config.get() instead of config.getBlock or config.getItem:


myBlockID = config.get(config.CATEGORY_BLOCK, "myBlockID", 1000).getInt();


The methods you're using are expecting a String comment parameter that you're not passing which might be problematic.


    public Property getItem(String category, String key, int defaultID, String comment)
        Property prop = get(category, key, -1, comment);


It worked! Thanks!

If you really want help, give that modder a thank you.


Modders LOVE thank yous.

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