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Checking if player is first time login


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Hello, I'm trying to run a method once when the player first enters the game. I know I would do this with a player tracker using the onLogin method. However, how could I check that it's the players first login? I could use my IEntityExtendedProperties but I'd rather a simple check using the vanilla player class, if that is at all possible. Is there a way?

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Well, you could make an educated guess using player statistics.


Chances are if these statistics or a combination of them are zero, they've not logged in before:


Times played - The number of times Minecraft has been loaded

Multiplayer joins - The number of times a multiplayer server was successfully joined

Minutes Played - The total amount of time played

Distance Walked - The total distance walked


Granted, these stats are tracked across all worlds so you would need to create some sort of weighted result if any of them are not zero. If you decide to consider them a "first timer" then you could place some sort of "cookie" for the next time.

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this is very easily done.

use the IConnectionHandler interface to check when a player is logged in.

then you need to get the NBTTagCompound from the player using the .getEntityData() method.

and all you need o now is to read the NBT for a custom tag and if false do whatever u wanna do. set the tag to true and your done.


this should work in theory...

public void playerLoggedIn(Player player, NetHandler netHandler, INetworkManager manager) {
	EntityPlayer entityPlayer = (EntityPlayer) player;

	NBTTagCompound nbt = entityPlayer.getEntityData();
	boolean loggedInBefore = nbt.getBoolean("loggedInBefore");
		//Work you magic 

		nbt.setBoolean("loggedInBefore", true);

i havent tested it yet though...

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Right, I've got this set up to check if it's the player's first time:

package mods.ages.player;

import java.util.Random;

import mods.ages.entity.EntityCivilian;
import mods.ages.util.NameGenerator;
import net.minecraft.entity.passive.EntityPig;
import net.minecraft.entity.player.EntityPlayer;
import net.minecraft.entity.player.EntityPlayerMP;
import cpw.mods.fml.common.IPlayerTracker;

public class PlayerTracker implements IPlayerTracker {

PlayerHandler ph;

public PlayerTracker(PlayerHandler ph) {
	this.ph = ph;

public void onPlayerLogin(EntityPlayer player) {
	if (PlayerHandler.getPlayerProperties((EntityPlayerMP) player).isFirstLogin()) {
		System.out.println("Player's first time");
		// Do stuff
	} else {
		System.out.println("Player has played before!");



However, this if statement will always return false.


The PlayerHandler class looks like so:

public class PlayerHandler {

private static PlayerTracker pt;

public PlayerHandler() {
	pt = new PlayerTracker(this);

@ForgeSubscribe(priority = EventPriority.NORMAL)
public void onEntityConstuct(EntityConstructing event) {
	if (event.entity instanceof EntityPlayerMP) {
		EntityPlayerMP ep = (EntityPlayerMP) event.entity;
				new PlayerProperties(this));

public static PlayerProperties getPlayerProperties(EntityPlayerMP player) {
	return (PlayerProperties) player

public static IPlayerTracker getPlayerTracker() {
	return pt;


and my PlayerProperties class looks like this:

public class PlayerProperties implements IExtendedEntityProperties {

EntityPlayerMP player;

PlayerHandler ph;

boolean firstLogin;

public PlayerProperties(PlayerHandler ph) {
	this.ph = ph;

public static final String IDENTIFIER = "MyPlayerProperties";

public void saveNBTData(NBTTagCompound compound) {
	compound.setBoolean("firstLogin", firstLogin);

public void loadNBTData(NBTTagCompound compound) {
	firstLogin = !compound.hasKey("firstLogin");

public void init(Entity entity, World world) {
	player = (EntityPlayerMP) entity;

public boolean isFirstLogin() {
	return firstLogin;



To me, this code should work fine, yet for some reason it doesn't. The Player Tracker is registered and the Construction event is also registered. If the order makes any difference, the Event is registered before the tracker. Both are registered in the FMLInitializationEvent in my main class. What's going wrong? Please help.


Also: How would I make this tag persistent?

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