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Forge 1.19.3 How to get a block from an itemstack and compare it to an item


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I have created a plant using a seed item using ItemNameBlockItem and the corresponding block using the BushBlock classes.

However when setting the block as an entity's favorite block, I need to test it as an item, but when I use the block.asItem() I target the seed, not the plant. I cannot figure out a way to get a block from an ItemStack, cos casting to ItemLike and BlockItem don't work and Item doesn't have an Item.getItemFromBlock method (and perhaps if it did it would just return the seed item, not the plant block as an item). I tried using the block's resource location to identify the block but ItemStack doesn't return a resource location. I printed out the block name and mc just adds prepends item to the block name. So, is this the correct way to do it?


if (stack.getDescriptionId().equalsIgnoreCase("itemblock_name")) {}

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outside of registration class, there should be no "string representations" or paths to your items and blocks (tags are okay). and what you used is for translation and displaying on screen.

now during registration, did you make a BlockItem instance for the purpose of creative tab? if you did, do stack.getItem().equals(staticBlockItemFromRegistration)

frankly, i'm not sure what you need to do so if the above row didn't help, please paste problematic method.

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