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How to give player enchanted book

Casa Nuestra

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Hello there, I have been trying to give the player an enchanted book but I realized that if I enchant the book, it is technically not an enchanted book so it does not work in an anvil. I am kind of new to forge modding so if anyone can please explain how to enchant an enchanted book so that it works in an anvil, that would be great!


ItemStack unbreak = new ItemStack(Items.ENCHANTED_BOOK);
unbreak.enchant(Enchantments.UNBREAKING, 2);


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6 hours ago, MFMods said:

i have no idea how you have an enchanted book that isn't and enchanted book.

By that I mean I have an "enchanted_book" item that has the enchantment as if it were the weapon instead of the item containing the enchantment. ex: a sharpness 5 "enchanted_book" would normally be able to enchant a sword but instead it just does more damageif you attack using the book.


6 hours ago, MFMods said:

anyway, there are mods that show you item's nbt. use one in creative mode to see what you want and compare it to what you have.

Alright, I will try that, thanks

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well, i learned something about minecraft today.

anyway, just use EnchantedBookItem.addEnchantment() for books.

how am i so incredibly knowledgeable? well i just placed a cursor on Items.ENCHANTED_BOOK, hit alt+F7 (search for references) and found one occurrence with the answer.

edit: oh and start with book book, not the enchanted book.

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