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Forge is laggy even without anymods although vannila and fabric work perfect - 1.20.1


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Forge has always really worked fine with me although recently ive been having some issues that i am unable to identify

I have used 1.20.1 before and it was perfectly fine even with mods like Create but now it couldnt even handle JEI let alone normal minecraft

It seems to do something with maybe chunks? whenever i look up i get Max frames (120 with Sync) in like 2 seconds but whenever i look around my forge lags aton mostly in spikes and makes my GPU go to 100% or close to that including when i sprint or fly

If anybody can give me some input that would be amazing


Somethings ive already tried:

  1. Preformance mods
  2. Changing how much Ram goes into minecraft
  3. completley uninstalling and reinstalling Minecraft , forge , curseforge , optifine
  4. Turning vsync on and off
  5. Doing 2 full scans of my computer for viruses and even and 2 offline scans which no viruses popped up
  6. Using optifine


Computer Specs:

AMD Ryzen 7 3700X 8-Core Processor

16.0 GB of Ram

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060


Go to this for my log https://pastebin.com/08AKGk51


Edit: Right before my forge became broken i tried optifine on it while playing with a friend so it might have something to do with optfine because i cant even install it on my forge anymore for whatever reason.

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Sorry to hear you're having performance issues with Forge. To troubleshoot the issue, we need more details:

1. Please take screenshots of your Options -> Video Settings on Forge, Vanilla and Fabric and indicate which is which. This is to make sure the comparison is fair, because obviously if your graphics settings are a lot higher on your Forge install than the others, it'll run slower.

2. Please take a screenshot of the display tab dxdiag. You can do this by pressing Win + R on your keyboard, put "dxdiag" and press enter. If it asks about checking if your drivers are digitally signed, click yes. Finally, click the display tab.

3. We need the debug.log, found in the logs folder. You can find the logs folder in the same place as where the resourcepacks or mods folders are.

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Some simple things to try first:

- Set the chunk builder to threaded rather than semi-blocking

- Set the simulation distance 2 chunks lower than the render distance (e.g. sim dist 10, render dist 12)

- Update your graphics drivers


Next up, we'll grab a Spark report which'll provide some game environment details:


1) Run /sparkc profiler
2) Wait a couple of mins
3) Run /sparkc profiler --stop and copy-paste the results link here

Please provide separate spark reports for Forge and Fabric.


By the way, please use https://gist.github.com in future. Normal GitHub is meant for source code.

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Looking at the Spark report of the empty Forge install, it looks like you're allocating an excessive amount of RAM, causing the game to spill over onto your much slower SSD/HDD (aka swap space) which can cause lag spikes like you're seeing here.


Your physical memory is practically full and you've got another 20 gigs or so spilled over onto your storage.

To solve this, allocate less (e.g. 4GB is usually enough for large modpacks, 2GB is fine for smaller ones) and close some background apps while the game is open.

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Well right before it broke i was playing with my friend and i decided to use optifine with some shaders after alittle i decided to stop and i deleted optifine and when i got back into the game it started doing this. this was only a week ago and before this i could play about 200 mods fine but now even without any its just buggy

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I'm sorry but to be honest I'm out of ideas. I had a suspicion a driver optimisation broke with the early loading screen and window title change introduced in 1.20, but you're claiming the issue persists in 1.19.4 as well.

The Spark reports show performance is just as bad server-side on Fabric as on Forge and there's no indication of anything wrong in the debug.log.

The screenshots you've provided don't really show the issue, would probably have to be a shadowplay/obs recording or similar to see an intermittent performance issue that can't really be captured well by screenshots.

What puzzles me most is you say it used to be fine and now isn't. Could it be that hypothetically, Optifine improved performance on your specific hardware, you got used to it, then once you removed it, it felt worse?

Only real solution I can suggest if you're certain perf was fine before and now isn't is a clean reinstall of Windows... but there's no guarantees that'll fix it. :(

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Thats fine no problem we tried but if theres nothing i can do about it than thats fine i really appreciate you taking time out of your day to help me though


But to your question no it always ran pretty well    but the last thing i can say is for some reason when i went back to try optifine again it wouldnt let me install it into my forge

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