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World generation in custom dimension(1.20.1)


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Hallo I am working on a fantasy rpg mod for 1.20.1. In this mod I want to create my own dimension which will generate a continent that we have already decided on how it should look, so the biomes should generate on the places we want them to generate instead of random like it does in vanilla minecraft. I know it should be posible since the LOTR mod has this done as well.

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Did you make any progress on this? If so, would you mind sharing what you did? I was looking to make a custom dimension with a fixed continent (specific biome placement, terrain generation like mountains, rivers, etc) but unsure where to start. The LOTR mod was what inspired me also, but I know a lot has changed from the latest version that mod is compatible with.

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Yeah I found a way to do it but it only workes for fabric, somehow something is wrong with forge way of loading the chunk gen. The guys from the middle earth mod did manage to do it, but the train isn't what it should be yet. The biomes will generate exactly where it is supposed to be however. Only the hight map has some huge room for improvement.

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