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Forge 43.3 Minecraft 1.19.2


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Forge version: 43.3.0
Minecraft version: 1.19.2


Since the release of our first recommended build for MC 1.20.1, the release policy for recommended builds has changed - we now aim to release new recommended builds for fully supported MC versions more frequently - as long as there's a reasonable amount of changes since last recommended build.

This third release build comes with a load of fixes and some new features.


  • Re-add in-game mod menu (#9655)
  • AlterGroundEvent for modifying block placement performed by AlterGroundDecorator (#9635)
  • Bump ASM to 9.5 to support running on newer Java versions (#9516)
  • Improve logging for server connections (#9623)
  • Log a proper duplicate mod(s) error message (#9625)
  • Loosen access for BucketItem's canBlockContainFluid (#9429)
    • Allows mod's custom buckets to add fluids to more than one block that accepts different fluids
  • `ClientChatReceivedEvent.System` event for listening to system chat messages (#9355)


  • Fix `Level` leak in debug HUD (#9701)
  • Keep order of sources in PackRepository (#9704)
  • Fix parameter names in IForgeDimensionSpecialEffects.adjustLightmapColors to better describe what they are. (#9658)
  • Fixed FluidUtil#tryFillContainer returning invalid result when simulating (#9358)
  • Fix erroneous getLevel call when firing SpecialSpawn (#9520)
  • Fix the rest of the spawn event calls (#9482)
  • Fix SaplingGrowTreeEvent result being ignored (#9484)
  • Fix incorrect SpecialSpawn fire location (#9480)
  • Fix Forge grindstone hooks allowing stacks of non-stackable items (#9466)
  • Fix JSON model root transforms (#9411)
  • Fix StemBlock not checking canSustainPlant for the correct block
    • It now checks for Melons/Pumpkins instead of the stem itself.
  • Fix of inconsistent vaporization in BucketItem & FluidType (#9340)
  • Fix TickEvent.LevelTickEvent not being fired on ClientLevel tick (#9302)
  • Disable guiLight3d for generated item models (#9231)
  • Fix config key used by resource cache (#9253)
    • This brings it in line with the config key defined in the spec and default config file in ResourceManagerBootCacheConfigurationHandler.
  • Fix compatibility checker Gradle task configuration (#9233)
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