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Can't register EntityRenderer. Wrong parameter types.


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First off, I know should probably be able to debug this on my own, but this is my first mod, and I couldn't figure it out for multiple days now.
What I'm trying to do, is to modify the default minecart by replacing it with a slightly different version, but I'm stuck 1 step before that, that being "cloning" the minecart as a separate Entity/Item.

Here you can see a GitHub gist of all relevant files: https://gist.github.com/Kipama/cd39127e8891715a3006fa990ca7ff14
If there are files missing or access isn't working as intended, please let me know!

In the Gist you can find the following files:
-CustomMinecartEntity.java:        This file extends AbstractMinecart and is a clone of the vanilla minecart entity. I know I should override the minecart entity directly, but as this should work rn, I didn't change it yet.
-CustomMinecartRenderer.java:  Basically vanilla MinecartRenderer with a Custom slapped on it, extends MinecraftRenderer.
-ModEntities.java:                         This is where the new Entity gets added to the deferred register ENTITY_TYPES.
-ModernMinecarts.java:               The main mod file. Relevant part is at the bottom, where I try to use onClientSetup to register the new Entity using EntityRenderers.register().

That last part is where my problem begins.
When I try to register the new entity using

EntityRenderers.register(ModEntities.CUSTOM_MINECART_ENTITY.get(), CustomMinecartRenderer::new);

I get a syntax Error saying the provided and required types don't match.

These are the required and provided types:

Required: EntityType<? extends T>

Required: EntityRendererProvider<T>
Provided:<method reference


So far I looked at 2 different Git repositories implementing custom entities, but haven't been able to figure out what I'm doing wrong.

Any answers, suggestions and ridicules appreciated.

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EntityRenders requires an EntityRenderProvider.

This is what I have:

@Mod.EventBusSubscriber(modid = MODID, bus = Mod.EventBusSubscriber.Bus.MOD, value = Dist.CLIENT)
public static class ClientModEvents {
    public static void clientSetup(FMLClientSetupEvent event) {
        EntityRenderers.register(HOSE.get(), new HoseEntityRenderFactory());

    private static class HoseEntityRenderFactory implements EntityRendererProvider<HoseEntity> {
        public EntityRenderer<HoseEntity> create(Context context) {
            return new HoseEntityRenderer<>(context);

Replace HoseEntity with your own entity. If you're doing multiple try doing generics (though untested).

Edited by Hipposgrumm

I'm not good at modding, but at least I can read a crash report (well enough). That's something, right?

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