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exit code 1 crash, I know its a duplicate mod but i cant figure out which one


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because I hate when threads like these have no solution- removing the mod "ModernFix" by embeddedt, got my game working. after reading over what it does more carefully (it was something i took from an established pack and saw 'oh bug fixes, thats probably good to have' and didnt have a second thought) I still dont know what it could be clashing with. gonna try continuing my search for the other half of the problem, because i think id rather have it than whatever is butting heads with it. I thought it might be 'better fps - render distance' but no, taking that out with modernfix on still crashes. 

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40 minutes ago, TileEntity said:

Maybe it is conflicting with another fixing mod, like

  • AI-Improvements
  • AttributeFix
  • All JEI mods
  • MaxHealthFix

not any of these, unfortunately. Ive just gone through and disabled all of them and it still crashes. Idk, I may just keep modernfix off for now. im not going to spend the rest of my day off troubleshooting when i can just call it good enough for now. 

I do appreciate the suggestions tho. 

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