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Item render while in hand


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Hello everyon, I'm new to modding but not to java, so take in consideration that I,ve almost 2 year of experience in java (It's not to brag but only to let you know that I can understand advanced java). My question would be, how to make an item render in your hand, I,ve seen soaryn in his dev doing so it was a staff who was changing color trought grade so it dark blue to blue to light blue to the next color I think you understand what I mean, also at the top of this wand there where 4 "crystal" going in circle. I wonder how to do this, I,ve looked at the soaryn video but it was far ahead in the devloppement of the wand so i couldn't see all the method he used and since I'm not familiar with the api of mcp/forge/minecraft I'm confuse.


By the way I've never created 3D object (Image) from blender or things like that, from code I did but from blender and importing it never had to, so I wonder if you guys know a tutorial for this or something simillar


So just to be clear my question would be : How can I make an item be "Alive" in your hand(rendered) and also for the item to change color but that is optional, again to be clear I'm not asking to do it for me I just need some key word to look around or a tutorial because I'm confuse and I can't find what I'm looking for


The video of the wand : http://www.twitch.tv/soaryn/b/456473235


Where we see the wand : 7:50 ; 1:54:00


PS1 : sorry for my bad english, I speak french

PS2 : Also take in account that I doN,t have alot of experience with mcp/forge/minecraft api, so if you want to answer the question itself instead of refering me to a tutorial or giving me some key word to look around, if you could be precise pelase



Thank in advance for anyone who will read this all text and be kind enought to help me



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Okay well this is a link, but not to a tutorial per say.

It's a blog by TGG which details his findings as he explore the minecraft code.

It's a very simple yet detailed explanation of how minecraft works, or well at least the parts which are covered.



Rendering of items are covered, in all the various forms they are rendered.


I do understand that you don't want a tutorial, the above is a place of reference I use quite often and as you know Java I'm quite sure you will find it mega useful. Minecraft does some weird stuff, this will help you understand some of them :)

If you guys dont get it.. then well ya.. try harder...

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Thank you alot I will look into, By saying I don't want a tutorial I was talking like a detailed answer from other member since it would look like "DO THE CODE FOR ME" I don't know if you get it I don't want to have a personnal coder army I want some example and I will catch it from there, but if you have other example or youtube video I will gladly take them




Just to give more precision, I want the item to be animated in a way. Sorry for not being clear, I'm not since I doN,t know where to look for so I have some trouble explaining my problem x)

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Start by getting into how it renders an item and how that works.

Play around with the openGL methods and see what you can do.

Animation is just changing what's drawn there. Depending on what you want to do it may involve simply moving the item or maybe changing between textures :P



If you guys dont get it.. then well ya.. try harder...

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ok thank, btw what you gave me is helping ^^'', but changing texture would need to happen really fast, according to what I saw on soaryn stream the rotation is fluid so wheter he's doing it programaticly or he have thousand of png or at elast 27 for each second with the crystal slitly decaled in each picture, in my oinions it's not realistic but hey I know nothing right now about this so x)


also if anyone have other solution while I look into mazetar one, feel free to post it

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Well it really depends on what animations you need, how big and advance are they.

Simple animations could probably be done with 1 texture and just code to change how it's rendered or to draw small additions.

If you guys dont get it.. then well ya.. try harder...

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I've managed to take picture of the whole class of soaryn of his item I will look into that I can see he import open gl so yea my life got more complicated hahahah I will go have fun with the class


Again if anyone have another solution I'm open :), thankc for your help mazetar

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