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[1.6.4] Furnace Minecart Inventory Mod


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Who has never been annoyed by the enormous consumption of resources of Power Rails or by the impractical usage of Minecarts with furnace when you want to build automatical Minecart Systems? That is over now!




With the Furnace Minecart Inventory Mod you can create the most simple automatical Minecart Systems in Minecraft!




The Furnace Minecart with Inventory can be crafted from a normal Minecart with Furnace and Blaze Powder.




The minecart can be powered with Coal, Coal Blocks, Blaze Powder and Lava Bukkets.

As the Fuel is filled in, the minecart starts to smoke. If it now is accelerated in one direction, it starts driving in this direction.

The Minecart gets accelerated or slowed down by Powered Rails and can be stopped with Activator Rails.

If a Minecart with Furnace stands on an activated Activator Rail, it stops, can't be pushed anymore and doesn't take any fuel, until the Rail is deactivated. Then the Minecarts starts driving in the initial Direction again.


If the fuel is empty, the Minecart stops and has to be filled again.




A minecart with furnace:


The Crafting Recipe:


The Inventory of the Minecart:


The Mod-Logo:





Technical Data:

  • The Mod supports German and English Language.
  • The ID of the Items is changable in a Configuration File
  • Working Time: about 6 h

Download and Installation:


You must have Minecraft Forge installed!


Mod Download:


Version 1.0.2 for Minecraft 1.6.4


Click here for 1.7.2 and later versions!!!

Warning! Because of the new MC-Version they will work quite different!


Please tell me all the Bugs you encounter!



This Mod was created by _Bedrock_Miner_.

Special thanks to Erdenwurm and mosado.

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I wonder what you'd call this in pirate speak...

"Movin' Oven O' Smelting"?

Hm... Maybe Rollin' Ov'n wit' much space in it?

"Rollin' Stone O' Burning wif air"

'much space in it' seems to long.


PS-  forgot to say cool mod idea

Communication is a vital tool, in the game industry you won't go anywhere without it. People are either going to learn to talk, or move on.

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