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  1. looks really interesting. will mess around once a download comes out
  2. Hey my name is nujum key Wanted to cover your mod but i'm not sure how. Theres a ton of confusing recepes and despite yeast and malt being used in all of them the actual crafting in game in kindof confusing. Ended up making a reveiw If there is anything i missed that you would like me to annotate let me know.
  3. err... where are the dogs? this looks like an armor mod+ 3 blue blocks
  4. It's a cool idea, but if all it does is handicap new player you're not going to have a very popular mod. You need to giv players a reason to get all this skill except for "now you can work at the normal speed youwoud have managed without this mod."
  5. While i like the doors they look out of place in the normal minecraft world. Can you may some minecraft blocks that are better suited for the doors?
  6. What are the 3 new potion effects? Unless you're talking about the absorbtion and resistance which you can't get in vanilla. also why do the pictures say 692x394png? it's a cool mod though, want to try it
  7. i'm liking the Readable bookshelf Hope it works!
  8. Watching videos on your own is great, but for medding i very much recommend a class for java. If your determined, some colleges publish their courses online, i learned Physics from a college ciriculum. Programming is a big industry right now so i'm sure there are plenty of resources.
  9. Fancy. The idea of fuel running out but progress remains sounds so nice. Do you have any other vanilla improvement ideas?
  10. Is there a version for the 1.5.2 release fo Minecraft
  11. It's a good idea, but if you wanted to add heat to a system it was easier to just make heat proportional to energy output, because that's how it worked in the real world. Can you add heat values to pre-existing blocks?
  12. how did you put all the tools in one?
  13. i want to touch it and see what happens. Probably a crash or enderman become able to hold multiple blocks. That'd be funny. To the Enderman class!
  14. just thoughts from someone who plays MC. Usually stuff like this changes recipes to be more realistic, but i like the everything undoable idea. Now if only i could craft a creeper spawner...
  15. This mod completely negates reality. I like it. On a gameplay side, if a player have lots of a type of wood(like jungle) they probably have loads of saplings for jungle wood. The saddle is a bit unneccasary, i found two in my first dungeon and never had any trouble with them. Unless your on SMP i don't see the point. And Sandstone to sand has no purpose. Most people keep their sandstone as sand and craft as they need. This is only useful for storage (which is cheap in minecraft and thank god, if i needed more than wood for a chest i'd never have enough space), because you never build with sandstone.
  16. I don't think that'd work well for a mod. Maybe a custom map. If you were to design a mod around this you'd have to give the player a jump start on survival minecraft so they could create a structure. Herobrine's army would also have to strike in waves, and i'm not sure how to code randomly spawning mobs to gather and swarm a player
  17. is this a dedicated server? I couldn't get on
  18. does minecraft forge have a 1.7 version? I've never looked. all the mods are at 1.6, even the small ones
  19. I like how small the things the mods add are, like the craftable stained glasss one. It's just another way to use resources that would make sence for mojang to implement
  20. So once your a stone miner, your the .003 percent
  21. considering the goals of minecraft: exploration, creativity, sandbox adventure not really
  22. You know, it's not that i'm above it, but it kindof annoys me when people who never go on a forum, or have never been on a forum, go recruiting on said forum. You literally titled on every forum based on how many ports/ karma/ replies/ interactions you've made, people can tell when you just show up to advertise. There's nothing wrong about advertising but remember the nine-tenths rule of promoting. Out of ten posts you make, nine of them shouldn't be about you. Just advice. Sorry to disturb.
  23. i'd turn the ores into building blocks. Just because having a box house made of copper is cool.
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