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Creating core mod [Solved]


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I found culegooner's lovely tutorial on how to make a core mod, which I've been following lately.



The tutorial is for 1.6.2, but I tried to use it for modding 1.6.4 instead and it worked perfectly fine within eclipse. But when obfuscated, it wouldn't work. There was no crash though, it simply didn't do anything and wouldn't show up in the mods list in minecraft. Interestingly enough the log says that forge actually finds it's "mcmod.info".


For testing, I downloaded culegooner's two example mods "creeper burn" and "explosion drops" and they work fine when I'm running minecraft 1.6.2. But as soon as I try to play 1.6.4 instead, they won't do anything.


What can be the significant difference between 1.6.2 and 1.6.4 when it comes to core mods, and why does it work within eclipse but not when obfuscated?


Ps: I know that I am supposed to avoid making a core mod as far as it's possible. But if I actually need to make a core mod one day, I would like to know how to.





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Hi this may not be a solution, but the reason the 1.6.2 mod doesn't work with 1.6.4 is the obfuscation changes with each Minecraft version, so to make his mod compatible with 1.6.4 you have to fix all the references to obfuscated code.  The mappings can be found in the MCP files he mentioned (*.cvs and *.srg I think?).  Core mods always have to be updated for every new Minecraft version (sv.class in 1.6.2 could be gj.class in 1.6.4).

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Thanks a lot for answers, sorry for being busy lately.


Yes, I have noted that the classes may change obfuscated names between minecraft updates. But that does not seem to be the problem... I have changed them to their right name, but still it won't work!


Although, I ran some test with the 1.6.2 version of the mod and noted that the mod doesn't show up in the mods list if it can't find which class to override. So now I am pretty convinced that the problem has to do with the mod not finding the obfuscated classes.


GotoLink, by "using searge names" you must mean adding some code so that minecraft with my mod can guess on its own which obfuscated class to override out from the searge name. Since I'm not a very experienced programmer, I think I'll have a hard time figuring out this piece of code by myself.


There must have been some path changes for the obfuscated classes since 1.6.4, or am I totally wrong?

Please keep replying!  :)


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Eeerrr... I know that by running reobfuscate_srg.bat, I will make mcp create folders and class files with their serge names. What of it? When running minecraft with a core mod outside Eclipse, the core mod cannot refer to someting like: "net.minecraft.entity.monster.EntityCreeper" or even "EntityCreeper", because the classes are recompiled. Instead the mod must refer to it's compiled name: "tf" ("te" in 1.6.2)

Please tell me I'm wrong if I am.


The mod "Creeperburn" has no problem overriding "te.class" in 1.6.2

Same mod seems to not be able to find and override "tf.class" in 1.6.4 (Of course it cannot override te.class)


Of course I know that core mods no longer goes into the "core mods" folder but the "mods" folder nowadays!


I am not sure I got your message right, it was quite short.

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Hahahaha! I solved the issue! (It was so basic I almost feed ashamed)


At the top of the CBFMLLoadingPlugin class there is a line that says:

@MCVersion(value = "1.6.2")


You must change it to 1.6.4, or else the mod will be ignored in 1.6.4


A little bit ashamed but very happy


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