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Loading texture from external file into a blockIcon?


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Okay I already realize that I may get shot for asking this but fuck it :P

Is it possible in a simple way to load a texture from an external file in such a way that it could be used normally as a blockIcon?

By normally I mean that you don't have to create a special render for the block using the texture, that it would be stiched into the texturemap along with all the other mod block textures.

Is this possible?



Now I do see two alternatives, one is to simply create a render which uses this image for the block by handling the drawing it's own way, that could work but it's not what I'm after.


The second way would be to copy the external files into the .Zip file at runtime, which I'm pretty sure would be even dumber than what I'm attempting to do :P

But I may end up attempting it, so does anyone know if it's possible to manipulate the assets folder of the .Zip from which the mod it's self is running? I would assume that it's not advisable to do so :P

If you guys dont get it.. then well ya.. try harder...

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I would be very surprised if you couldn't use GL11 to replace part of the texture sheet with a new texture (not that I know how to do it) - that might be a third option. 


Or a fourth - the TextureStitchEvent might also be a good place to look, you could search the hashMap for the texture you're interested in replacing, then overwrite it with a path to a different asset.


Disclaimer: this is just guessing on my part.  And last time I tried to delve into textures and resourcelocations it properly did my head in.



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