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Enchanting Table-style particles spazzing out

Whale Cancer

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Ok, so I've used the enchanting table particle effects to develop some bee particles that go back and forth between nearby flowers (it triggers way more often than it should right now for the purposes of testing). My problem is that - much like the vanilla enchanting table, which is much less noticeable - the particles spawn at their destination and then extremely quickly teleport to their origin before floating back to their destination at the desired speed. Here is my code:


  //randomly called to generate particles, adapted from BlockEnchantmentTable
    public void randomDisplayTick(World world, int x, int y, int z, Random random)
    	int sizeX = 5;
    	int sizeZ = 5;
        super.randomDisplayTick(world, x, y, z, random);
        for (int targetX = x - sizeX; targetX <= x + sizeX; ++targetX){
            for (int targetZ = z - sizeZ; targetZ <= z + sizeZ; ++targetZ){
                if (targetX > x - 2 && targetX < x + 2 && targetZ == z - 1){
                	targetZ = z + 2;
                if (random.nextInt(16) == 0){
                    for (int targetY = y; targetY <= y + 1; ++targetY){
                        if ((world.getBlockId(targetX, targetY, targetZ) == DoorMod.flower_allium.blockID) ||
                        (world.getBlockId(targetX, targetY, targetZ) == DoorMod.flower_bellflower.blockID) ||
                        (world.getBlockId(targetX, targetY, targetZ) == DoorMod.flower_chrysanthemum.blockID) ||
                        (world.getBlockId(targetX, targetY, targetZ) == DoorMod.flower_daisy.blockID) ||
                        (world.getBlockId(targetX, targetY, targetZ) == DoorMod.flower_echinacea.blockID) ||
                        (world.getBlockId(targetX, targetY, targetZ) == DoorMod.flower_ginger.blockID) ||
                        (world.getBlockId(targetX, targetY, targetZ) == DoorMod.flower_hibiscus.blockID) ||
                        (world.getBlockId(targetX, targetY, targetZ) == DoorMod.flower_houstonia.blockID) ||
                        (world.getBlockId(targetX, targetY, targetZ) == DoorMod.flower_hydrangea.blockID) ||
                        (world.getBlockId(targetX, targetY, targetZ) == DoorMod.flower_morningglory.blockID) ||
                        (world.getBlockId(targetX, targetY, targetZ) == DoorMod.flower_nasturtium.blockID) ||
                        (world.getBlockId(targetX, targetY, targetZ) == DoorMod.flower_orchid.blockID) ||
                        (world.getBlockId(targetX, targetY, targetZ) == DoorMod.flower_paeonia.blockID) ||
                        (world.getBlockId(targetX, targetY, targetZ) == DoorMod.flower_syringa.blockID) ||
                        (world.getBlockId(targetX, targetY, targetZ) == DoorMod.flower_tulip.blockID) ||
                        (world.getBlockId(targetX, targetY, targetZ) == DoorMod.flower_oxeyedaisy.blockID)){
                        //    if (!world.isAirBlock((targetX - x) / 2 + x, targetY, (targetZ - z) / 2 + z)){
                         //       break;
                         //   }
                            double xVelocity = (double)((float)(targetX - x) + random.nextFloat()) - 0.5D;
                            double yVelocity = (double)((float)(targetY - y) - random.nextFloat() - 1.0F);
                            double zVelocity = (double)((float)(targetZ - z) + random.nextFloat()) - 0.5D;
                            //originates from flowers but is  reversed due to velocity
                            ParticleEffects.spawnParticle("bee_1", targetX + 0.5D, targetY + 2.0D, targetZ + 0.5D, -xVelocity, yVelocity, -zVelocity);

                            //originates from hive but is  reversed due to velocity
                            ParticleEffects.spawnParticle("bee_1", x + 0.5D, y + 2.0D, z + 0.5D, xVelocity, yVelocity, zVelocity);


Here is a video to demonstrate the teleporting bee particles (apologies for TotalBiscuit in the background, didn't think to pause that video before recording).




Is this unavoidable when using particles? I really don't understand why it would be doing this if spawnParticle is simply accepting x, y, z coordinates and x, y, z velocities.


Edit: Just noticed this behavior is noticeable even in the animated gif found in the wiki:

width=368 height=250http://hydra-media.cursecdn.com/minecraft.gamepedia.com/6/60/Enchantment_Table_animated_experience.gif[/img]

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My ParticleEffects class looks like this:



package whalecraft.doors;

import net.minecraft.client.Minecraft;
import net.minecraft.client.particle.EntityFX;
import net.minecraft.client.renderer.texture.TextureManager;
import net.minecraft.world.World;
public class ParticleEffects
         private static Minecraft mc = Minecraft.getMinecraft();
         private static World theWorld = mc.theWorld;
         private static TextureManager renderEngine = mc.renderEngine;
         public static EntityFX spawnParticle(String particleName, double par2, double par4, double par6, double par8, double par10, double par12){
         if (mc != null && mc.renderViewEntity != null && mc.effectRenderer != null){
        	 int var14 = mc.gameSettings.particleSetting; //seems to be used by the particle renderer settings
        	 if (var14 == 1 && theWorld.rand.nextInt(3) == 0){
        		 var14 = 2;
         double var15 = mc.renderViewEntity.posX - par2;
         double var17 = mc.renderViewEntity.posY - par4;
         double var19 = mc.renderViewEntity.posZ - par6;
         EntityBeeParticleFX var21 = null;
         double var22 = 16.0D;
         if (var15 * var15 + var17 * var17 + var19 * var19 > var22 * var22)
         return null;
         else if (var14 > 1)
         return null;
         if (particleName.equals("bee_1"))
         var21 = new EntityBeeParticleFX(theWorld, par2, par4, par6, (float)par8, (float)par10, (float)par12);
         return var21;
         return null;



However, I am not sure this is the problem. If I don't pass a velocity to the particles they spawn a bit over my flowers and a bit over my hive and just fall to the ground with no warping. When I do pass a velocity, they quickly warp to the appropriate location and then float back to their origin (that is, where they would spawn if I didn't give them a velocity).


I don't/didn't think it had anything to do with my ParticleEffects class as this behavior is consistent with what happens to glyphs on the enchanting table in vanilla.

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Try rewriting the path-to-the-flowers to take the particles under ground.  It's not guaranteed that they'll be inside a block, but it will be much more likely.

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