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Windows 8?


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Hello I'm new to the forums and I've tried everything so this forum is my last resort!

I've done the entire instructions from various youtubers and sites and get this-in my computer lab computer at school(windows 7) everything worked PERFECTLY.My windows 8 laptop-EXACT SAME PROCESS-it's choking up.

Let me explain 'Choking Up'.

The mods dragged into the mods folder simply don't load!

I am using the forge profile-I've tried every forge 1.6.4 version-the mods are 1.6.4...

If the developers themselves can't help me get this working-NO ONE CAN!

So please help and thanks :)

P.S.If it matters I'm using team extreme minecraft launcher-btw the mods button appears so forge is running-it's just not loading the mods in the mods folder

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I read through the logs and I think I found the line that explains my mods not loading:

"Mod Forge Loader is missing a pack.mcmeta file, things may not work well"

Please excuse my stupidity I am 12 but what the hell does that mean???

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