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[Help request] Nether lighting lag fix


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As some already know, ever since the new lighting engine emerged, the nether is a horrible place for people to go to. This is worsened by having mods with all the additional content in the nether. Thus, I am asking if anyone have a fix for that lag or are willing to write a simple mod to fix this lag issue.


General Overview of the lag:

The new lighting engine resulted in massive lighting checks in the nether. For every light source, the lighting is checked again. With the millions of blocks of sorce blocks in the nether and the resulting lighting checks, this has made going to the nether impossible for slower machines and especially with mods.


There was once a fix for this lag. The original thread is here: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1238817-nether-lag-fix-client/


Quoting from the mod author,

"What causes the lag:

The nether has a lot of light sources: thousands of lava blocks and many fire blocks. Lighting updates for every chunk is checked per-tick, and that causes extreme lag in the nether.

How I try to fix that:

I keep a list of all chunks whose lighting has been checked, and instead of processing the remaining chunks all at once, process them until 4 milliseconds have elapsed and add them to the list of checked chunks. Once this list is full, it is emptied and the cycle begins again."


Sadly, this mod has fallen out of development and thus I am here asking, Would anyone care to replicate this mod in compatibility to forge and 1.6.4 of minecraft?

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