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Downloaded Forge and now my PC doesn’t boot into Windows

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 PC Specs:
Windows 11
GPU: AMD Saphire 6600XT
CPU: AMD 5600G
RAM: 16GB 
Minecraft: Original Microsoft Launcher ver. 12.20.1

I wanted to download some mods and make a server and play with my friend. 

Managed to get the server running with the mods and after that even my own client. 

The server ran for maybe an hour with the mods installed me and my friend were both connected and playing no problems. Then my PC crashed. It went black and didnt start back up so i had to restart it manually. 

After that my monitor was locked at 64Hz instead of the usual 170 and the AMD drivers said something along the lines that the driver version is incompatible with the version downloaded or something like that..?

So i reinstalled the driver and the monitor was running fine this time but i started getting error code 1 from minecraft launcher(im on original microsoft launcher) even without mods in the folder.

I tried to make a fresh install of windows in the case i maybe istalled something wrong. When i got the new desktop i downloaded just the things i needed like: Java, jarfix, forge installer, minecraft and GPU drivers i got the same error code.

Tried to open the game with forge one more time after the new install my pc got black screen again and now i cannot boot into windows🙃.

I dont even get how a minecraft utility for mods can do such a thing.

First it broke my GPU driver now it broke windows. Great!

Any help would be appreciated! Thank you!

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Forge doesn't touch anything OS-related beyond what vanilla Minecraft already does. Your issue sounds highly coincidental and likely caused by faulty hardware or broken drivers.

For testing faulty hardware, check the SMART details of your boot drive, undo any overclocks, check temps and do a memtest.

For fixing broken drivers, follow the guide in the FAQ, especially the last point regarding the clean uninstall utility.

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