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Error code 1 -i have tried all the fixes listed and reset my pc -still wont work!

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Minecraft java and forge seem to have it out for me, any ideas?

I have had issues with exit code 1 while loading forge -fabric was having the same issues, but I seemed to fix it in these repairs? (tried different versions upwards from 1.19 to 1.20.2 for forge, nothing worked and I'm confident older versions wouldn't either)
-The launcher itself loads fine, it will load the game within the launcher, and then crash the moment it tries to load outside of the launcher. I have tried the default launcher, legacy launcher, and the curse forge launcher, none have worked! (all have had the same problem) I think this started when I took a break and upgraded to windows 11 and wonder if that changed anything?

I have tried the following:

  • uninstalled & reinstalled java, (I have having issues where I download jdk 17 but only 8 would show up (would not show up anywhere but the control panel, not even the official uninstaller, I *think* I got that fixed)
  • tried jarfix
  • uninstalled & reinstalled minecraft
  • tried alternate launchers -forge & legacy, & repaired them too.
  • tried without mods
  • updated game drivers
  • uninstalled and reinstalled forge -including completely wiping it from my system
  • changed java excutable path
  • followed everything in the error code 1 post
  • completely reset my pc

I tried to change the launch path but couldn't seem to get it to work -the default launcher wont let me even see properties as an option, i have yet to try with the other two (i did try on legacy but it was being weird)

I want to include my debug log; but its over the max size? sorry my brains gone numb from trying to fix this for the past 2 days

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