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[1.20.1] Get Player Speed On Server


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I am trying to add functionality similar to the farmblock, but dependent on the player's speed

The farmblock onFall method checks to make sure the event is server side before doing anything so I assume that's best practice, but as far as I can tell, you can only get the player's speed on client side? So I'm wondering what the correct way would be to check a player's speed on the server end.

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  • BabyThor changed the title to [1.20.1] Get Player Speed On Server

Yeah Player movement is controlled by the client. I just checked and you're right, seems like some of the values to calculate speed (attributes / getDeltaMovement) don't get properly synced server-side.


More than likely you'll have to use some janky networking. I hate using the PlayerTick for things but I'm having a hard time thinking of a better alternative.

public static void onPlayerTick(TickEvent.PlayerTickEvent event) {
  if(event.side == LogicalSide.SERVER) return;
  final var player = event.player;
  final var onPos = player.getOnPos();
  final var level = player.level();
  if(level.getBlockState(onPos).getBlock() instanceof YourModdedBlock block && isPlayerMovingFastEnough(player)) {
    // TODO: SimpleChannel.sendMessage(...); send player speed and blockPos, and handle on the server what to do 
private static boolean isPlayerMovingFastEnough(Player player) {
  return false; // You implement this, not sure what exactly you're looking for. i.e. player.getSpeed() > <some_value>?


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