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I am having problems with set bounds. I've modeled a block, about 2x2 in size, and set it's bounds to this:


// x axis bounds

// -1.0f - 0.0f Left

// 0.0f - 1.0f Right


// y axis bounds

// 0.0f - 1.0f Bottom

// 1.0f - 2.0f Top


// z axis bounds

// 0.5f Front

// 0.6f Back


this.setBlockBounds(-1.0f, 0.0f, 0.5f, 1.0f, 2.0f, 0.6f);


when I look at the bottom left part (-1.0f) on the bounds, it shows the bounds and encompasses the whole block, however, if I look at any other position on the other 3 sections of the model, then the bounds disappear/don't show up, as well as the right 2 blocks have no collision but the left 2 blocks do have collision. But the top left one like all the right blocks don't render the bounds when looked at.


How do I get the bounds to display on all portions, and make all portions solid?


*Working on uploading screenshots*

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I don't think blocks like having bounds outside a full cube.

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The ray tracing code for figuring out which block you're looking at is in World.rayTraceBlocks_do_do


I think the problem might be that the ray-tracing code implicitly assumes all blocks are contained within a 1x1x1 cube.  You could test this directly by adding some breakpoints or logging System.out.println to the code in this method.


Perhaps you'd be better off to model your 2x2 block as 4 individual blocks.  You could use the DrawBlockHighlightEvent to create your custom bounding-box renderer - i.e. normal render if looking at a normal block, 2x2 size render if looking at your custom block.  See also RenderGlobal.drawSelectionBox.




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