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[1.20.1] Apply custom full armor effects


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Hi, I need suggestions.
I am a beginner in Minecraft Modding. I would like to apply custom effects to some armors, something like: more chance to drop seeds, change zombie awareness, drop more pieces of wood when chopping logs, and things like that.
How would you recommend me to do it, is there any library that has something similar and which ones would you recommend me?.

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You could try and manage custom armour features from inside armourTick. You would need to create a custom item called, for example, SapphireChestplateItem. It would extend ModAmrorItem. Your code might look like this:


public void onArmorTick(){

//your code here


If onArmorTick is to slow for you, you can listen for server ticks and loop through the servers players and if the current one if wearing your armor, do whatever you want.


btw this is only is you want the result of the effect, not like a full blown armour independent effect, e.g night vision

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