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Found 5 results

  1. Hello guys, Is there a way to send an Item which contains NBT to the Client with a Packet? Already i know how i can send NBT data but i want to send the whole Item. But at the moment i try to build a Item registry on the Client and get the Item with an ID from the Packet.
  2. So I've been kinda stuck with this event with casting. event.player returns an instance of EntityPlayer, but I need EntityPlayerMP to give the player some recipes. If I cast it to EntityPlayerSP or EntityPlayerMP, it throws ClassCastException (casting it to 'MP crashes Minecraft). Is there any way I can get instances of EntityPlayerSP and EntityPlayerMP or is there a way to check on which side the code is run?
  3. Been a while since i modded minecraft and coming back to it a lot has changed since 1.7.10, i've been able to get my custom item and block to register using the new registry events the blocks in world texture even loads but none of my textures load when in my inventory, weird thing is i get no errors when game loads so i feel like i've done nothing wrong if anyone could let me know what i've done wrong to make my items / blocks in inventory not load there textures that would be very helpful In Game screenshot Src - Workspace Log
  4. Usually, I would go around this problem, but right now I can't. Whenever I make a class with more creative tab objects, their icon would always show up as blank. No matter how I register my blocks or whether I "pre-load" my class, it's always blank. The reason why is that the class with creative tabs loads way before my class with blocks and so my block objects end up being null. I have no idea what to do, and as usual, I expect it to be a simple solution as I tend to get stuck on retarded things... Here's the code: public class BSMCreativeTabs { public static void initialize() {BSMSlab.initialize();} // a way to "pre-load" my block class public static final CreativeTabs tabWoodRelated = new CreativeTabs("tabWoodRelated") { @Override @SideOnly(Side.CLIENT) public ItemStack getTabIconItem() { return new ItemStack(BSMBlocks.OAK_WOOD_ON_Y_AXIS, 1); } @Override @SideOnly(Side.CLIENT) public void displayAllRelevantItems(NonNullList<ItemStack> list) { int[][] blockIDs = { {26, 29, 32, 35, 137, 140, -1, -1, -1}, // WOOD {12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, -1, -1, -1}, // PLANKS {37, 38, 39, 40, 142, 143, -1, -1, -1} // LEAVES }; getItemsFor(list, blockIDs); } }.setNoScrollbar(); } package tt.betterslabsmod.main; import java.util.HashMap; import net.minecraft.block.*; import net.minecraft.init.Blocks; import tt.betterslabsmod.blocks.*; import tt.betterslabsmod.blocks.BSMSlabBasic.BasicVariant; import tt.betterslabsmod.options.BSMOptions; public class BSMBlocks { /** All blocks are loaded this way **/ public static final BSMSlab STONE; private static BSMSlab getRegisteredBlock(int ID) { return BSMSlab.BLOCK_REGISTRY.get(ID); } static { STONE = getRegisteredBlock(0); } }
  5. Hello, I have recently tried to get back into modding after the 1.12 update. I have looked at the documentation and it seems to show a new way to register items. I have followed it's instructions to the best of my ability but it still doesn't work. Can anyone tell me what im doing wrong?
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