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[1.20.1] Apply multiple full armor effects doesn't work


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I have a problem, I am trying to put two different effects to two different armors but when I run it only the emerald armor effect works. This is the code

public class ModArmorItem extends ArmorItem{

    private static final Map<ArmorMaterial, MobEffectInstance> MATERIAL_TO_EFFECT_MAP =
        (new ImmutableMap.Builder<ArmorMaterial, MobEffectInstance>())
            .put(ModArmorMaterials.EMERALD, new MobEffectInstance(MobEffects.HERO_OF_THE_VILLAGE,200, 1,false,false, true))
            .put(ModArmorMaterials.OBSIDIAN, new MobEffectInstance(MobEffects.FIRE_RESISTANCE,200, 1,false,false, true)).build();
    public ModArmorItem(ArmorMaterial pMaterial, Type pType, Properties pProperties) {
        super(pMaterial, pType, pProperties);

    public void onArmorTick(ItemStack stack, Level world, Player player){
        if (!world.isClientSide()) {
            if (hasFullSuitOfArmorOn(player)) {

    private void evaluateArmorEffects(Player player) {
        for (Map.Entry<ArmorMaterial,MobEffectInstance> entry : MATERIAL_TO_EFFECT_MAP.entrySet()){
            ArmorMaterial mapArmorMaterial = entry.getKey();
            MobEffectInstance mapStatusEffect = entry.getValue();

            if (hasCorrectArmorOn(mapArmorMaterial, player)) {
                addStatusEffectForMaterial(player, mapArmorMaterial, mapStatusEffect);

    private void addStatusEffectForMaterial(Player player, ArmorMaterial mapArmorMaterial, MobEffectInstance mapStatusEffect) {
        boolean hasPlayerEffect = player.hasEffect(mapStatusEffect.getEffect());

        if (hasCorrectArmorOn(mapArmorMaterial, player) && !hasPlayerEffect) {
            player.addEffect(new MobEffectInstance(mapStatusEffect));

    private boolean hasCorrectArmorOn(ArmorMaterial material, Player player) {
        for (ItemStack armorStack : player.getInventory().armor){
            if (!(armorStack.getItem() instanceof ArmorItem)) {
                return false;

        ArmorItem helmet = ((ArmorItem)player.getInventory().getArmor(3).getItem());
        ArmorItem breastplace = ((ArmorItem)player.getInventory().getArmor(2).getItem());
        ArmorItem leggins = ((ArmorItem)player.getInventory().getArmor(1).getItem());
        ArmorItem boots = ((ArmorItem)player.getInventory().getArmor(0).getItem());

        return helmet.getMaterial() == material && breastplace.getMaterial() == material && leggins.getMaterial() == material && boots.getMaterial() == material;

    private boolean hasFullSuitOfArmorOn(Player player){
        ItemStack helmet = player.getInventory().getArmor(3);
        ItemStack breastplace = player.getInventory().getArmor(2);
        ItemStack leggins = player.getInventory().getArmor(1);
        ItemStack boots = player.getInventory().getArmor(0);

        return !helmet.isEmpty() && !breastplace.isEmpty() && !leggins.isEmpty() && !boots.isEmpty();

Also when I place two effects on the same armor, the game crashes. Here is the crash file.

The code is the same, only this part is different

private static final Map<ArmorMaterial, MobEffectInstance> MATERIAL_TO_EFFECT_MAP =
        (new ImmutableMap.Builder<ArmorMaterial, MobEffectInstance>())
            .put(ModArmorMaterials.EMERALD, new MobEffectInstance(MobEffects.HERO_OF_THE_VILLAGE,200, 1,false,false, true))
            .put(ModArmorMaterials.EMERALD, new MobEffectInstance(MobEffects.FIRE_RESISTANCE,200, 1,false,false, true)).build();

I hope you guys can help me. Thanks.

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I’m not sure why your first problem is being a problem, it’s code should work. Can I see your ModItems class? There might be a problem there. Your second issue, two effects on one material, is because you are trying to modify an immutable map before it is built. The way your code works is the each armour material is mapped to ONE armour effect. Is you want multiple effects for each material, you will have to modify the map so that it maps armour materials to a list of effects. You will also have to modify the effect applying code to work with lists if effects.

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