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Fabric REQUIEM crashing whenever I try taking souls away from mobs (with empty soul vessel)

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I'm not sure why my minecraft game had crashed, when I turned into a ghost I tried to harvest soul away from a spider since it had a soul with a empty soul vessel, but it instantly made my game crash, maybe it was because of sodium or something like that?

Crash report:

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Unfortunately, you probably won't get any help with your problem here, since this is the Forge forums.

As it says in the FAQ that you presumably read before posting, "We only support Forge here. We cannot help you with Fabric, Spigot, etc..."

Forge and Fabric are completely different and run by different people, so it's unlikely (to say the least) that anyone here will be willing or able to assist with a Fabric problem.

I'd recommend joining the Fabric Discord Server that's linked on the Fabric website. They might be able to help you there. I'd also recommend notifying the developers of whatever mod you're using. 

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