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Entity behavior similar to a boat i.e. floats, is solid, slow on land

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I've decided to make an add-on mod for Immersive Aircraft, adding a Seaplane. I'm basically aiming to have all the functions of a vanilla boat slapped onto a Biplane.

My main priority is having it float like a boat on the surface of water. I've looked around a bit but haven't found anything clear on how boats float or how I could apply that to an entity. It very well could be a simple thing that I overlooked or misunderstood, code confuses me. ;-;

The other two things, which are not as important but still crucial to a completely finished plane, are having solid, block-like collision to where players and entities can stand on the plane and not be able to walk through it, and moving slow on land as it wouldn't have wheels. Though I'm sure I can figure those out myself, besides, I need to do some of this problem solving on my own xd

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