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{1.6.4}Insomnia (Custom bed issues)


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Ahoj všetci,


I've made a custom bed(well, I shouldn't say that -- I copied the relevant code) but I am having a slight problem with it.


I am able to place it, but interacting with it is a bit buggy. If it is during the day and I right click it, the game will tell me that I can only sleep at night, however, if I interact with it at night, the sleep animation will start to play, and then cancel. it is almost as if it thinks "Goodnight, oh, wait, something isn't right here, wake up!" I've included a video to show what I mean, I'll also post the code.



The bed places fine, but I can't sleep in it.


Thank you for any and all help! :D


(I don't care about textures, it's not that I don't know how to do them; I just haven't bothered to add any yet.;))











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