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New Minecraft Show! Need Actors, Writers, Builders, etc.


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  • "Chronicles of a Nobody"
    Hello! My friends and I will working on a Minecraft series, much like a T.V show. Each episode being around 20 minutes. (This could change in the future.) We have tried this almost a year ago but we really didn't know what we were doing and didn't have great actors. We will be using the same base for the story but go more in-depth with the story and make it more entertaining to the audience. Hopefully this time we will make an improvement to what we have started, but in order to do that we need more people. I have written what kind of people we need and the criteria you must match in order to audition. If you feel that you meet criteria then you will want to post a comment using this template. Also, even though I am calling them jobs, you will not actually get paid, that is unless we get enough traffic and earn enough money to pay you.
    Name:  (What you would want us to call you)
    Job(s): (What job or jobs you believe you meet the criteria and would like to apply for)
    Contact: (A way I can reply back to you and we can have a meeting. ex: Email, Skype, etc.)
    Reason: (Why you deserve to be chosen)
    About the Show
    As I said before, we are using the same story as last time but be more in-depth. The show is suppose to be a mixture between serious and bits of comedy here and there. The plot of the show is that the main character, Charlie lives in a small village and is framed for murder. That is the basic plot but we hope to add a lot more and we need your help in order to do so.
    • • Microphone (Doesn't have to be amazing. As long as we can understand you clearly)
      • • Ability to show off your skills (You will go into a private server and have 30 minutes to create something unique and good)
        Camera Person
        • • Microphone (Doesn't have to be amazing. As long as we can understand you clearly)
          • • Good PC (Doesn't have to be an extremely expensive computer. It needs to be able to run Minecraft with a shader mod like Sonic Ether's at a minimum of 30 FPS)
            • • Game Recorder (Ex: Fraps or Dxtory. The video's resolution must be at a minimum of 1280x720)
              • • Microphone (Doesn't have to be amazing. As long as we can understand you clearly)
                • • Experience (You show us some of your previous work. Example: a short story)
                  Actor / Voice Actor
                  • • Good Microphone (A microphone that allows us to hear you clearly. little to no background noise).
                    • • Decent PC (As long as it runs Minecraft a good FPS).
                      • • Decent Internet (We don't want you lagging around).
                        Skin Editor
                        • • Microphone (Doesn't have to be amazing. As long as we can understand you clearly)
                          • • Experience (You show us some of your previous work. Example: A skin you created)
                            There may be more jobs added in the future!
                            • Email: kodogaming@gmail.com
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i would love to be an actor but i dont have a microphone. if there could b a silent part or if someone could do a voice over for me that would be amazing.



contact: friend me on facebook at colton mitchell(profile picture is strax from doctor who saying "damn moon") or email me at therandomguy900@gmail.com

reasom:my friends have always said that i would be a great actor and i've always wanted a acting part(even if its in minecraft)

king coltonious

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You know, it's not that i'm above it, but it kindof annoys me when people who never go on a forum, or have never been on a forum, go recruiting on said forum. You literally titled on every forum based on how many ports/ karma/ replies/ interactions you've made, people can tell when you just show up to advertise.


There's nothing wrong about advertising but remember the nine-tenths rule of promoting. Out of ten posts you make, nine of them shouldn't be about you.

Just advice. Sorry to disturb.

Communication is a vital tool, in the game industry you won't go anywhere without it. People are either going to learn to talk, or move on.

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