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Forge server stuck on version checking- help appreciated!

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Hello! I am attempting to play on a Minecraft server with a few friends, this server has loaded before but crashed and brought me to this issue where it is continuously freezing at version checking. The mod it version checks that it gets stuck on is inconsistent, and removing the mods it gets stuck on does not seem to help. Linked is the latest log given, and the debug log.
Latest Log - https://paste.ee/p/HuPB2
Debug Log - https://paste.ee/p/2MwuF
Server Hoster: GPortal
Minecraft Vers: 1.20.1
Forge Vers: 47.3.0

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On 6/25/2024 at 1:57 AM, TileEntity said:

Same issue without aquamirae?

I tried removing it, but it didn't help at all :( After a bunch of tests and even disabling version checking I believe it's happening somewhere in the loading process rather than the version checking itself. I'm getting stuck in a sort of loop where I'll remove a mod and fix the issue to have it load, restart the server, and suddenly it will not load again.

Could this issue be caused by the entities not being realized? How should I fix this issue without completely removing those mods?

Debug Log - https://paste.ee/p/dW1uM
Latest Log - https://paste.ee/p/tkbOy

Here is the list of mods I've removed:

visual workbench
twilight forest
villager names
more villagers
storage drawers

astemir lib
azure lib
enchantment descriptions (was a client-sided mod)
creative core


Here is the exact same modpack, server settings, config, etc, but with logs where the server actually opens. Can you find anything that points to why the other time I tried froze?

Debug - https://paste.ee/p/K7q5Q
Latest - https://paste.ee/p/FsxW2

The inconsistent starting and freezing is a big issue for us 😧

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