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Buildcraft Suddenly Causing Mod Cycle Errors?

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I was making a 1.12.2 pack from multiple mods (adding around 5 mods at a time) when Buildcraft (which had already been installed for a while) suddenly started throwing mod cycle errors. I assumed a mod I added caused this so I reverted it back to how it was buuuut... Buildcraft kept throwing the issue?
It pointed to Dynamic Surroundings and Inventory Tweaks causing issues buuut eventually just pointed to FML causing the issue. In the mod Cycle Error Screen it pointed to Immersive Engineering (and some of its addons) and even Tinkers Construct/Constructs Armory (which wasn't even installed anymore so idk why it pointed to them) but if I just disabled Buildcraft everything worked fine???
Unfortunately I seriously intend to use Buildcraft in this pack (especially since it was previously working so idk why it suddenly started having this issue)?


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