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[1.6.4] Issues registering mob rendering and unknown cause of error


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I am trying to add a new mob called a LavaCreeper yet when I come to register the textures it spams this error report:


Also in the same class I am getting an error in this line of coding: 

this.tasks.addTask(2, new EntityAICreeperSwell(this)); [The error says: The constructor EntityAICreeperSwell(LavaCreeperClass) is undefined]


UPDATE: Thanks ninja for helping me sort out the issue regarding the texture rendering but I still cannot understand what I must do regarding the this.tasks.addTask(2, new EntityAICreeperSwell(this)); Could you please be a bit more clear coolboy? Also I moved the code to a gist for easier reading and have removed the original error I was getting and have pasted the new error I am getting. Again thank you both of you for your help :)



If I need to post any other classes just tell me and thanks for the help in advance :)



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Are you sure your texture is compatible with the TextureManager? If not, then it can't load the texture correctly.



You have to create an new instance of EntityAICreeperSwell as EntityAICreeperSwell (inside the class) verifies the methods are owned by EntityCreeper.



Also, please put your code into pastebin/in spoilers/code, it swallows the whole entire page...

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