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Hello, I'm MasterDev, a quite good Minecraft modder.

My story :

A long time ago, i had a server called StoneLine-MainServer. It was a Forge-Modded server ; i had on this server a player that was always with me, i had him on Skype... After 2 month, i decided to make this famous player Op (Indead, i never banned him, he was a very present and good player), this player was named "Yuri6037".

But next day, when i jojned the server they were LAVA, TNT, water, there were nothing present all has been destroyed ! Of course i used a save backup.

This time, 1 week later, the server was terribly laggy, and after 1 month of almost lags, hoster told me that they could not let my server, because my server was under DDOS attacks...

Another time, i bring my server up again by Hamashi ; and one day, i saw something that i could never imagine : Yuri6037 was placing TNT, and priming them... imediatly, i closed the server, banned Yuri6037... This server no longer exists now...


Why did i registered ?

While reading threads, i fell into a strange user, "Yuri6037", he was using StoneLineMod, i saw all the codes he posted and, i saw that almost the codes are same as the old Mod i made on my old closed server...

So after seen that, i decided to take back my mod... And so i registered here...


You have my story... Still now, i'm thinking about Yuri, How and Why has he done that to my server and why he took my code... In plus he conserved packages names !

I could never imagine that Yuri6037 could decompile like nothing a mod that took many times to create !




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