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ModLoade - Forge incompability (sudden)

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I have news, its actually ModLoader that causes the crash...

Modloader itself works fine...


but as soon as i install Forge the game crashes...


trouble shooter:

i am not sure.. but please check the new source code for Mod Loader, i somehow got a feeling its different again, i dont know why.


The other mod i have installed is optifine... but hey.. that does not cause the crash it runs smoothly - with ModLoader - without Forge



Its all up to date..



Following Class Files are the same as in ModLoader:










they have different variable description Modloader(var) Forge (par)  ... or the other way around... i am not sure if this is actually it.


Any information for me in what to do...

i use WinRar


ok.. fine.. thanks.

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I had this same issue, if you're using MCpatcher to install mods, put forge below modloader in the list. If you have modloaderMP also, put it between them.


If you're not, install forge after modloader, that way forge's files overwrite modloader's.


You may have a different issue, but I hope this helps. :)

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Well McPatcher and Optifine are not know to work finde together, especially if you use more mod on top of them.


But to my bug report... i am simply at a loss. I have such a heavy crash all the time, that its simply not possible to get to look at the error report.


Might there be a mod, or a file i do overlook?


Well the white window that appears normaly dissappears in a black colored window and the task manager tells me ..: not responding.


SO... what now? Might there we a problem with Optifine i use the smooth version?


Since its Just Optifine Smooth and ModLoader.. i am really at a loss and i appologise to be not able to get access to this report.


My sincerest apologys

... i just want to play...

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If you read the stickied thread titled "Read this or you may get banned" it has a link of how to get the stack trace.  It is good to read the stickied posts before posting, especially with a name like it has.  ;)


But in general just follow the normal installation instructions:

Install ModLoader into the jar.

Install Forge into the jar.

Install Optifine into the jar.

Install your mods into the mods subdirectory.

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