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  1. Thanks, that worked for my inficraft problem, but now it seems forestry is being picky. Minecraft stays at the Mojang screen if the latest version of forestry is installed for the right buildcraft version. Stack trace? I had to use MultiMC so I can access the error file, is this what you mean: On the forestry wiki where you DL that zip, it explains succinctly how to deal with that error.
  2. Mojang backtrack on an official block registry, then?
  3. Buildcraft has this hook allowing you to add the wrench, but then it's only available in BC 3 which won't be release till MC 1.3 I guess. I'm playing BC3 :-/
  4. First off, Tekkit is a bukkit-based server, so any vanilla server mods are immediately incompatible. Finally: Don't use Tekkit, make your own server using MCPC-downloaded packages, and you'll have a better time.
  5. A bit of a tip here: You should put your code down. Go learn Java, make a few test programs, follow some tutorials, and then pick your code back up again.
  6. Do you know exactly what static does... ?
  7. Can you tell me how to use ISoundHandler?? Look at ISoundHandler.java. Also look at vanilla code for how the SoundPool and it's entrys work.
  8. See also http://minecraftforge.net/forum/index.php/topic,324.0.html
  9. YOu updated to the latest ForgE?
  10. Is that not identical to what I said? Useless and redundant posts ftw...
  11. As of at least the latest recommended, Forge _completely_ supersedes AudioMod. Try using a vanilla forge MCP install and look at ISoundHandler
  12. Are you using the correct version of the 4096 fix? Are you sure you installed Forge properly?
  13. Take it up with bioxx. TFC is a game-changing mod...
  14. You're going to have to give me a lot more information than that...
  15. To do it manually, use the good ol' drag into the .jar method. Google MultiMC.
  16. MLMP functionality *is* built into forge. Any compatibility problems are due to mod authors not updating their mods to FML.
  17. Your issue is MCPatcher, not Forge. Try using MultiMC or do it manually.
  18. Also a grammar fix PR gave a compile error in the past. It's a case of 'if it aint broke, dont fix it'
  19. Don't install Modloader. Look for a Forge-ModLoader-X.txt or similar.
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