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Creating GUI: Accessing GUIAchievements.currentpage


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i first used to edit currentpage from private to public because they where changing in the game client, but not anymore in version 1.7.2, and i don't want to edit vanilla files.


here is my code: (i use it in a TickEvent event)


Minecraft minecraft = Minecraft.getMinecraft();


GuiScreen var15 = minecraft.currentScreen;


int var14;


if (var15 != null)


if (var15 instanceof GuiAchievements)


var14 = ((GuiAchievements)var15).currentPage;


if (AchievementPage.getTitle(var14).equals("Glacia"))


minecraft.thePlayer.openGui(mod_Glacia.instance, GlaciaCommonProxy.GUI_ID_ACHIEVEMENTS, minecraft.theWorld, var14, 0, 0);




if (var15 instanceof GuiAchievementsGlacia)


var14 = ((GuiAchievementsGlacia)var15).currentPage;


if (!AchievementPage.getTitle(var14).equals("Glacia"))


GuiAchievements var16 = new GuiAchievements(var15, minecraft.thePlayer.getStatFileWriter());

var16.currentPage = var14;

FMLClientHandler.instance().displayGuiScreen(minecraft.thePlayer, var16);




Actually i don't know what to write in this signature soooo.... anyway

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